Headaches – DMILS / Psychokinetic Alteration of Living Tissues

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: July 28, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: DMILS / Psychokinetic Alteration of Living Tissues – Continued – Headaches -Saturday, 28 July 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE34

Kate – Thank you a lot in advance, I won’t be able to participate, but will definitely read up on it tomorrow! Questions will follow accordingly
Sounds like a very interesting topic :3

Rainsong – Hi, Kate. You’re welcome. In this particular case, just tuck the questions in this room, after the lecture.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club.
Our topic this evening came out of our Q&A last week.
As you know, Q&As assume that folks already have enough information to ask questions.
But it turned out that some of the folks weren’t already familiar with some of our most basic healing/DMILS methods, as used to deal with headaches… especially migraines.
So, here we are.
Our topic, therefore, is “Dulling or Getting Rid of Headaches, using Psionics”

The first, most obvious question hinted at in the main room earlier today by Chirotractor, is: why not just use the usual over-the-counter medications developed for exactly this purpose?
There are a couple reasons that spring immediately to mind:
1) Some people – such as myself, for example – cannot use over-the-counter painkillers, on account of allergies, liver damage, or other medical issues(edited)
2) Sometimes the medications don’t work. There are some folks for whom morphine doesn’t knock down the pain.
And in most countries, that isn’t over-the-counter

Scelana – I can kinda relate to those reasons at times
I’m curious, I know bout the blue psiball technique but are there other techniques that are commonly used for headaches and migraines?

Rainsong – There are.
I’m going to start with that one, for completeness… And then we’ll get into the others.

Scelana – Ah that’s understandable

Rainsong – The basic blue psiball is what’s taught to migraine patients here, if morphine doesn’t work for them.
“Here” as in Nova Scotia, as opposed to “here” as in PSC.
The hospitals use it.

Not Rachael – I’m kind of surprised hospitals use this technique

Rainsong – And why not? It’s another tool in the toolbox… The side-effects are relatively minor, it’s cheap, and it tends to take effect faster than oral medications, when it works.
But I confess, even I was surprised when I learned how widespread its use is in the hospital system here.
I am going to assume you all know how to make a basic psiball.
and if not, I’m tucking a link to “how to” do it here:

Chirotractor – I forgot.


Not Rachael – Thanks for the link

Rainsong http://psc-online.org/2018/02/oomph-and-working-with-it-basic-gathering-generating-moving-etc-class-2/

Azarea – question: is this headache method applicable to all pains, or is something else better?
eg. broke leg, eg. sore throat, eg. stomach issues, eg. dental pain, are the examples I’d mostly care about

Hi, Azarea: I’ve used it in place of pain-killers during dental surgery.

Azarea – ok

Not Rachael – Is it good for stomach pain as well?

Rainsong – It can be used for almost any kind of pain.
However… some people can only make it work for some kinds of pain.
For example, I can do sod-all about cramps with it. But a friend of mine can numb even the worst of cramps with it, in herself and just about anyone else.

Archaeus – Is it more effective if you do it on yourself or others?

Rainsong – *waggles hand* Variable. It’s generally easier to do to someone else. But it’s effective on yourself as long as you can summon the concentration to do it.
Not always possible, depending on the type and intensity of the pain

Any other questions before we get to the details of how to do it?
(These are great questions, by the way)
I’ll take that as a “no”

Chirotractor – you’d think being in pain would make it easy to focus on not being in pain.

Rainsong – You’d think so, but no, that’s not always how it works.
As the name suggests, the “Blue Psiball” method uses a basic psiball.
It does not need to be visible, and typically isn’t, even if the person making the construct can flare them at will.
What you want to add to the basic program of “hold clump of psi-stuff in a roughly ball-like shape” is the impression of blue, cool (physical coldness, as opposed to general niftiness), soothing, and numbing.
If you’ve ever experienced the effect of a nerve-block such as lidocaine, that’s a good base to work from.
Further program it to extend those impression to whatever it’s pressed against.
Hold it against the area that hurts.
It can overlap into the head without problems.
The standard method involves imagining the hurting area as being red, and letting it turn purple and then blue by having the psiball overpower the red-hurt
However, some people find that imagining the area as red makes it hurt more.
Try both, but obviously drop the red visualization if it makes things worse.

Azarea – question: I’ve met people whose approach is to basically “pull out the warmth/red” of the head leaving blue behind. Is this in your opinion basically the same thing or not to be recommended for a reason?

Rainsong – It tends to take effect pretty quickly – within minutes, anyway – if it’s working at all. And on average it lasts 20-30 minutes after the psiball is removed from the area

Azarea: That way can work, and is pretty safe if there’s something to put the red into. Don’t pull too fast, and be sure the person isn’t doing anything that requires concentration, because moderate sedation is a common side-effect of almost all the approaches that pull pain away
Personally, I find a variant in which the psiball is swirling around, and pulling the pain out into the swirly bit, seems to work pretty well, too.
Any other questions or comments on this approach?

Azarea – question: what is good to put red into?

Archaeus – Do you personally use this approach?

Chirotractor – put the red into the last person who was rude to you?

Azarea – question 2: if this interferes with concentration, does it interfere with other functions of other parts of the body if done there?

Rainsong – “What is good to put red into?” I tend to use a hematite or ground it into the earth. Some witchcraft traditions use an unfertilized egg, which is then buried in the ground.

“question 2: if this interferes with concentration, does it interfere with other functions of other parts of the body if done there?” It causes sedation regardless of where it’s being used: back, calf-muscle, throat, teeth, whatever.

Chiro: That works, too.
The ethics would be … questionable. But that doesn’t stop it from working.
Any other questions or comments before we turn to the next segment?

Alrighty then…
Similar to what Azarea was mentioning, there’s a nifty trick of laying one hand (preferably your off hand) on the area that hurts and the other hand (or some other body part) on a conductive material in contact with the ground.
Start to pull the pain out of the person’s field and across your field without bringing it into yourself at all.
When I do this, it feels like there’s a series of balls roughly the size of tennis balls rolling across the backs of my arms and shoulders… and then into the grounding item.
The main effort is in getting it started, and then it basically continues with very little attention.
I suggest being careful of your choice of position for this, because it can be a bit awkward.
Questions about this one? Comments?

Grand Elder Demo – Not a question but an experience.
I’ve done this method before but as you advice against, I pulled the stuff into me before grounding it out (didn’t ground it out good enough) and days later I started to get afflicted by some symptoms of a condition the person was experiencing, I didn’t know about it beforehand and they disappeared after I decided to ground again.

Rainsong – *nods* And that’s what generally happens if you run it through yourself.
As you can imagine, that can be a serious problem with some conditions.

Next bit: “Raking”
This is another one that often causes sedation, by the way.
And it’s much easier on someone else than on yourself.
Spread your fingers, like a rake, and tense them. Extend some psi-stuff out the fingertips.
Rake downwards through the person’s field, holding the intention to clear out the pain. It works especially well for backaches, but is also good for migraines.
Expect to feel some resistance as you rake downwards, but don’t worry if you don’t feel any. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.
If you’re doing this (or any of them) at a distance, an easy way to “aim” is to imagine a miniature version of the person floating in the air in front of you at a convenient position to work on.
Intention and focus clue your subconscious into the idea that the image is to send “stuff” to the real person.
It also works with a picture or a doll.
Questions? Comments?

Scelana – I am curious if such a technique maybe potentially feels nice in some way outside the pain dulling part, just curious why it can cause sedation.

Rainsong – I don’t know why it causes sedation, but yes, it’s pleasant enough on its own.

Scelana – Ahh

Rainsong – I mostly point out the common side-effect because it’s common practice in these communities to do these sorts of things at considerable distance. And if the “patient” is driving a car or something, you could accidentally kill them… and anyone else involved in the resulting traffic accident

Scelana – I can definitely see where that can be a very not good issue

Grand Elder Demo – <.<
Oh no
That’s tragic but dreadfully ironic

Scelana – Always good to know what to be careful for with such things

Rainsong – Yep
Especially because you’ll still sometimes see “advice” to the effect that “you can’t hurt anyone with stuff” or “the universe will protect you”
No. No, the universe won’t protect you. And you can use psionics for assassination.

Scelana – That advice definitely not good at all
You can even mess your own self up if you’re not careful

Rainsong – It’s true.
Mostly, I stick to the relatively safe stuff in healing classes here, because anyone can show up in our community and read the backlogs.
It’s not that I’m concerned about what nefarious stuff someone might do deliberately, but rather the accidental harm someone with good intentions could cause because of lack of knowledge

Scelana – Understandable

Rainsong – There’s some pretty cool stuff you can do with pk for healing purposes, but without a solid grounding in Anatomy and Physiology, a person could cause serious harm

Chirotractor – don’t try to give your girlfriend cat ears, you furry trash.

Grand Elder Demo – Don’t try to heal cancer by throwing a massive blob of energy at it(edited)

Rainsong – Especially not a “green healing” glob of energy. good way to increase the tumour growth, that

Scelana – I don’t do too much to myself atm with it, just some pain and swelling reduction mainly. Not sure how much risk I took when trying to knock down a nasty cluster headache in the way I did but I was successful and so far not seen any negative effects from that time. Not had another cluster headache yet to try it out on again

Grand Elder Demo – Ok we’ve gotten rid of the common things ppl try to do xD

Chirotractor – oh. Don’t try to lose weight by burning extra fat.

Scelana – I imagine dealing with cancer an extremely tricky thing

Rainsong – Cancer cells are, by definition, disorganised and weak. That makes them more susceptible to psionic influence.
But cancer is also unpredictable. Because it’s disorganized.(edited)

Chirotractor – cancer cells are the libertarians of the body

Archaeus – I know this is a bit of a specific request. But is there a psi technique that can boost immunity. This could be very useful for patients post-op etc.

Rainsong – Yes, by increasing the production of the specific immune cells, for example. That’s where the A&P knowledge is needed.
Too much increase in the cell production, and you can end up with leukemia or lymphoma.
Too little, and it’s just wasted effort.

Archaeus – Yes I know but what is the technique for that

Grand Elder Demo – This really rings home the message that just willing healing to happen when it’s a more complex problem isn’t a good idea

Scelana – I’m guessing that messing with the immune system can possibly cause stuff similar to autoimmunes if one isn’t careful.

Rainsong – That’d be a seminar on its own. I’ll give some thought as to whether I can cover the details of the cells sufficiently for it to be a stand-alone class.

Scelana: It can, yes

Chirotractor – Next thing you know PSC offers university credits for Intro to Anatomy

Rainsong – Heh

Grand Elder Demo – Lol

Scelana – Hehe

Rainsong – “oh. Don’t try to lose weight by burning extra fat.” Yeah. Best case scenario is that you fail. More likely, you destroy enough cells at once to result in kidney failure.

Scelana – That’s no good

Rainsong – kidney failure = unshiny

Scelana – Quite unshiny indeed

Rainsong -Thanks for participating, everyone.
Have a lovely evening.
(or morning, or whatever)

Archaeus– Thanks so much @Rainsong

Rainsong – You’re welcome.

Scelana – Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Chirotractor – medium case scenario you convince your body that it’d a grand idea to run a fever for a week

Scelana – Definitely not fun

Rainsong -Yea, that’s not a fun result, either.
Archaeus: It looks like I missed one of your questions. Sorry about that. You asked if I personally use the “swirly psiball” approach. The answer is “yes.” It’s one of the things I use for my boss’s migraines.

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