Empathic Projection and “Talking” to Hymenopterids

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: August 4, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Empathic projection and “talking” to hymenopterids – Saturday, 4 August 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE35

Azum’ran: Define hymeropterids

Rainsong: Of course: It’s any member of the large Order Hymenoptera, of Insects, including but not limited to ants, wasps, bees, and hornets. The word refers to their wings being veil-like.

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: We’re at the bottom of the hour (or, in fact, a little past), so we’ll get started.

Rainsong: The usual disclaimers and warnings apply: We’re discussing real-world psionics, rather than game mechanics, so if that would disturb you, you might want to try a different channel for a while.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is Empathic projection and “talking” to Hymenopterids

Rainsong: As mentioned shortly before class began, “hymenopterids” are small animals of the large Order Hymenoptera (a group of Insects), including but not limited to ants, wasps, bees, and hornets. The word refers to their wings being veil-like.

Rainsong: Empathic Projection is the Sending – broadcast or otherwise – of emotions

Rainsong: Are there any questions before we dive into it?

Rainsong: (For that matter, is anyone interested in tonight’s topic?)

Goatmistress: Well yeah

Rainsong: Hi, Goatie

Goatmistress: I may be the only one “listening”.

Scelana: I am here as well hehe

Rainsong: Hi, Scelana

Rainsong: Alrighty then, we have folks here. We’ll carry on. 😀

Rare peypey: i’m here too, long time no talk

Rainsong: Empathic projection is often done unintentionally. Someone stewing about the argument they just had with someone, for example, is likely to be broadcasting their annoyance

Rainsong: It can be felt in the room the argument took place in, even after the principals have left the room

Rare peypey: also sometimes inadvertedly done by musicians, right?

Rainsong: Yes, and also deliberately done by musicians. Some actors also use it

Rainsong: (sorry about the pause. attempting to deal with an issue)

Rainsong: To learn to project deliberately, the first thing to do is to be able to recognise what emotions are and recall a time when you’ve experienced one or more of them:

Rainsong: Have you ever felt sad, or happy, or angry, or bored…?

Rainsong: Those are the basic sorts of emotions.

Rainsong: Some emotional situations are layers of different kinds of emotions all at once.

Rainsong: For example, a kid on a roller coaster ride is typically feeling fear and glee at the same time.

Rare peypey: I think actors use this technique of recalling situations with an emotion so they can better act a part they need to. people can search that up if necessary

Rare peypey: as in if they struggle

Rainsong: nods

Rainsong: A good practice is to list all the emotions you can think of. And then, note beside each one a memory or a scene from a book/movie/play/TV-show that brings that emotion to mind.

Rainsong: Once you have your list, pick an entry and bring the memory to mind, or vividly imagine the scene, in as much detail as you can. Really get into that story.

Rainsong: As Rare Peypey has mentioned, this sort of thing is a handy skill for actors and musicians and such, too.

Rainsong: Once you have gotten some practice in bringing emotions to mind at will, choose one and bring it up

Rainsong: Push it outward with a puff of psi-stuff. Many people find it easiest to push from either the area of the tummy or the heart.

Rainsong: Without pushing it outward, you can also change up your own emotional state, by the way.

Scelana: I have noticed some songs I listen to have more to them in a way, where I can tell the artist/group has put their feelings into it. Especially if the song’s lyrics means something for them.

Rainsong: In any case, you can push a narrow stream of puff at a specific person/critter/plant, a wider stream at several beings… or broadcast outward like a shockwave from an explosion

Rainsong: Any of you who’ve been around this community more than a few weeks are aware that it’s possible to add oomph to something by adding emotion to the mix. This is how you do that, too.

Rainsong: Any questions or comments at this stage?

Rare peypey: nothing here

Scelana: I have none yet so far

Goatmistress: clear here

Rainsong: Plants like to have nice friendly emotions puffed at them, generally

Rainsong: Many small animals do, too. It can annoy cats, though.

Nickodemo: Lol cats just don’t want to be puffed at

Rainsong: You can also puff into cotton balls, and the cotton will hold the emotional impression (quartz crystals, some plushies, and the like can, also). As a result, you can send an emotional bit in a physical object, if you want to. For example, it can be handy when sending a gift to a small child.

Rainsong: The afore-mentioned hymenopterids are sensitive to these things, too.

Rainsong: Sometimes, you might be in a situation in which you’d like to let a wasp or yellow-jacket know that you’re not a threat. Send some nice friendly emotions at her.

Rainsong: At the same time, Send impressions of hexagons. They like hexagons. (Glenn Morris mentions this in one of his books, too.)

Rainsong: If you need to persuade one of these little beings to move in a particular direction, try visualizing her walking or flying in that direction at the same time. She may or may not comply, but it’s often worth a try.

Rainsong: Thinking calm thoughts and hexagons at her is also a good thing to do if she is actually on your person, you’re needing to hold her for some reason, or she’s actively pissed off.

Rainsong: (Admittedly, some kinds of hornets seem to have been hatched pre-pissed-off…)

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Rare peypey: is the goal to influence the thoughts of the hymenoptera through a sort of suggestion? if so visualising it moving from a human perspective may not be best

Rare peypey: like visualising from their perspective for one, and possibly how they see

Rainsong: In this case, it’s more of a request.

Scelana: Some wasps definitely are more quick to anger than others

Scelana: Others like a nest on the house I live in seem rather calm

Rainsong: You can gently look through their eyes. And you’ll quickly discover that their view of the world is very different from ours. So a directional movement thing is what we’re going for. What we see is completely outside her experience.

Rainsong: Scelana: Yep, most of them are much calmer, more reasonable people than humans tend to give them credit for

Scelana: I’m guessing that some empaths would have an easier time starting to try empathic projection.

Rare peypey: Flux and I have just moved onto direct mind reading instead of sending and receiving so I think i’ll hold off on the seeing through eyes for now haha

Rainsong: Scelana: An easier time for…?

Rainsong: Rare Peypey: probably a wise decision

Scelana: As in initially having success or potentially being more natural with it. Sorry if my words are a little setup confusingly lately. Not been getting in as much sleep, keep waking up a lot at night lately

Rare peypey: it’s like that with everything

Rainsong: Literally seeing through someone else’s eyes can be a handy trick for espionage-like activities, if a person gets pretty good at it.

Rainsong: Some receptive empath types have trouble projecting, but yes, generally speaking someone who already has some experience in that sort of thing accidentally can have a bit of a leg up on getting something to work

Scelana: Ahh

Rainsong: Any other questions and commentary?

Rare peypey: if future slots aren’t taken, could we have a lecture on seeing through eyes at some point?

Rainsong: Sure

Rainsong: We have a couple requests yet to queue, but there’s no reason we can’t fit that in.

Rare peypey: thanks 😀

Scelana: What are some other uses for empathic projection other than what has been listed so far?

Rare peypey: a mood changer can go a long way, and it’s significantly easier than suggestion

Scelana: I wonder if there be a way to use it in my current situation? Or would that be going too far?

Rare peypey: ethics is up to you imo

Rainsong: A local car dealer is really good at projecting an impression of “this guy’s trustworthy and likeable”

Rare peypey: isn’t the hedge shield concept basically empathic projection

Goatmistress: I’m good at projecting “you are safe and supported”

Rainsong: Calming horses, adding meaning to random rude gestures, dissuading people from entering an area by making it feel “scary”… dissuading bears and raccoons from ripping open a tent by making it “boring”… keeping people from noticing you’re there by making some other place more interesting

Rainsong: Goatie: That’s a great one, especially for someone who does counselling types of things

Rainsong: Rare Peypey: It is indeed

Nickodemo: Making ppl feel like laughing at your horrible comedy xD

Scelana: Hehe Grand Elder Demo

Scelana: There’s quite a few uses ain’t there?

Rare peypey: anywhere an emotion change may be useful

Scelana: I would definitely at least feel more comfortable in my situation if our housemate felt more inclined to keep away from me and leave me alone. Though I am more of an avoidant type hehe.

Rainsong: Getting a munchkin to sleep is another use. Anyone who has had close contact with infants knows that this skill is worth the GDP of assorted small countries

Nickodemo: It sounds like a hedge shield or broadcasting of some kind would be good to learn for you then Scel

Rare peypey: sleep falls under empathic? I suppose that makes sense now I think about it but I had always thought it would be a telepathic suggestion thing

Scelana: Yep Grand Elder Demo

Nickodemo: Making you calm down enough to fall asleep I guess is how it worls

Scelana: I’ve had individuals help me sleep by calming me down like that

Rainsong: With small children, “comfortable and safe-feeling” is more effective than “Go to sleep, munchkin!”

Nickodemo: I’ve done that before with my baby sister, she went from alright to dead asleep in seconds

Scelana: Feeling safe and such definitely helps me fall asleep

Nickodemo: I projected “fall asleep” at her lol

Nickodemo: A gentle toned fall asleep

Rainsong: nods Good stuff

Scelana: I’ve been told by a few that I tend to broadcast my feelings/emotions at times. Controlling what’s broadcasted though would take some practice

Rainsong: It can be, for sure. Shielding to keep stuff “in” – or absorbing it in the Shield, to keep it from going out, rather – is a handy skill for anyone who does projective empathy

Azarea: Hi. re the hexagon stuff, does that apply to flies, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects too, or a particular of bees and wasps? And do spiders work similarly or differently?

Rainsong: Being able to Shield someone else in the same way is a useful defence

Rainsong: Azarea: Ants yes, but as far as I know, other critters don’t have any emotional attachment to the shape. Morris speculated that ants, bees, and such like them because their constructions of their homes tend to be based on base-6… witness honeycombs and the like

Rainsong: Any other comments or questions?

Scelana: None atm so far from me

Goatmistress: I’m cool

Rainsong: Alrighty, then. Thanks for participating, everyone.

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Nickodemo: Ty Rain

Goatmistress: Thanks for doing it

Rainsong: 😀

Chirotractor: I’d like to add that empathic projection is absurdly good at both starting and defusing arguments

Scelana: Ahh makes sense hehe

Nickodemo: <.<

Nickodemo: makes note of that for conflict aversion tactics

Rainsong: Chiro’s right. It can even diffuse physical fights, if you push hard enough.

Scelana: That could be useful to remember

Nickodemo: That soothing aura

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