Short-Term Clairvoyance & Precognition

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: August 11, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Short-term clairvoyance/Precog – Saturday, 11 August 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE36

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: Our topic for the night is “Short-term clairvoyance/Precog”

Rainsong: As usual, we’ll be discussing real-world psionics, so if that’s a problem for you, you might want to try a different channel.

Rainsong: Are there any questions or comments before we “get started”?

Kate Embers: not yet

ceahhettan: None here.

Scelana: None here

Rainsong: Alrighty then. As usual, we’ll begin with a more-or-less friendly definition.

Rainsong: “Clairvoyance” – also called “ESP” and “anomalous cognition” – is the ability to or act of perceiving something obscured from the “regular” senses by time, distance, or other impediment.

Rainsong: In other words, “being psychic”

Rainsong: “Precognition” is a subcategory, in which the “something” is obscured by time, in one direction… being that the something is in the future.

Rainsong: In case you’re curious, something obscured by time in the other direction is called “retrocognition”

Rainsong: Cool and froody?

Kate Embers: everything fine so far

Scelana: Yep

ceahhettan: What’s it called when you can’t tell if it’s future or past?

Nevyn: confusing

ceahhettan: (Had to. Tell me if you want me to hold all the complicated questions for later though.) 😀

Rainsong: It goes back to being garden-variety clairvoyance

ceahhettan: Okay!

Rainsong: Not to worry. If a question asked in a “question section” is something better answered later in the class, I’ll say so.

ceahhettan: Alright.

Rainsong: Retrocognition often sounds sketchy. “If it’s in the past, how is there anything psychic about knowing about it?”

Rainsong: I’m going to give an example from the olden days of my youth. 😉

Rainsong: Back before most of the available knowledge was available somewhere on the Internet.

Rainsong: In any case, there were some paleontologists investigating a site.

Rainsong: They found some cool items, and consulted a friend of mine about them. They didn’t tell her what the items were or where the site was or anything. It was a pretty standard remote viewing session with third-party tasking, in fact.

Rainsong: She gave them her data and left it to them to analyze it, instead of doing the analysis in house.

Rainsong: They could tell she had the right spot because some of the things she came up with – sketches of people in fairly specific dress in fairly specific forms of shelter – were things they already know. So the data she gave about the items themselves were at least likely enough to be worth further investigation in that direction.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

rowinha: Retrocognition is actually superuseful in general for archeology. Just saying. :100:

Rainsong: It’s true.

Kate Embers: For me it’s sometimes knowing things about other people’s past that they have never told or that I simply couldn’t know from somewhere else. Does that count?

Nevyn: that’s often telepathy

Rainsong: Even so, it still technically “counts” because you’re perceiving it psychically. Telepathy and clairvoyance are really hard to keep apart, for some kinds of data.

Nevyn: For sure. thus “often”

Rainsong: In formal clairvoyance studies, telepathy’s considered to be confounding factor. And Telepathic Overlay is a thing…

Rainsong: Yep

Kate Embers: telepathic overlay?

Kate Embers: (can ask again later if you want)

Rainsong: In Remote Viewing, you’ve heard of Analytic Overlay?

Rainsong: Telepathic Overlay is stuff that’s picked up accidentally from the tasker, monitor, or other people involved in the assignment. Their guesses can be worse than AOL

Kate Embers: Ohhh, alright, okay. Thanks

Rainsong: You’re welcome. (It’s the reason that the monitor isn’t supposed to know what the target it, either, except in training runs)

Nevyn: (It gets worse when the reader goes “I’d never guess that” and thus focus on it more)

Rainsong: So true

Rainsong: So, we have a basic handle on what clairvoyance and precog are.

Rainsong: The requested topic was “short term” use of these things, and how to train in it.

Rainsong: Forced-choice games are some of the easiest ways to train consistently, even if they are not the best ways.

Rainsong: Forced-choice games encourage the logical side of the mind to guess based on observations, card-counting and so on.

Rainsong: (Forced-choice: you know what the options are, so there’s a limited number of things the answer can be. the game Shapes and Colours is an obvious example. Zener cards are another.)

Rainsong: On the other hand, a deck of cards is convenient to carry and you can practice at odd times without raising too many eyebrows. (Unless you’re in places where card games are illegal, of course…)

Rainsong: Shuffle the deck – or part of a deck – And place or hold the cards face-down. Ask yourself about the top card.
What colour?
What suit?
How many pips?
Then flip the card over and check.
Repeat with the next card.
And so on and so forth.

Rainsong: Any quasi-random-event generator will do: dicebots, dice, roulette wheels,…

Rainsong: Combinations on slot machines, even

Kate Embers: gets the programming skills out

Rainsong: Sometimes the impressions you’ll get in response to these questions will be incomplete or symbolic, but make the call on the card/die-roll/whatever, and check it out anyway.

Rainsong: For example, if you ask “What colour?” for a card, and you get a mental image of a tomato, run with “red”

Rainsong: Savvy?

Kate Embers: Ah yea, subconsciousness 😀

Scelana: It’s interesting how that works hehe

Rainsong: Notice I said “make the call” — not “assume it’s right”

Rainsong: This is where people get themselves into trouble, presuming that all the data they pick up is both real and accurate.

Rainsong: At the same time, it does help to take sudden “hunches” and “impulses” seriously.

Rainsong: Suddenly think you should take a different route home, as you’re pulling out of the grocery store’s parking lot?
If it’s safe to do so, take that alternate route.
Sudden urge to duck?
Do it,… again, presuming it’s safe to do so.
Getting a “get the fluff out of dodge” feeling as you’re walking into a bar?
Grab a drink somewhere else.
In a politically unstable area and feel a sudden urge to leave your hotel room?
Haul hind-end…

Rainsong: You see a pattern here, no doubt

Kate Embers: Can confirm they’re more accurate >.> but why?

Scelana: Sounds like it’s basically a better safe than sorry approach, as long as it’s within reason and safety

Rainsong: Scelana: That’s it exactly

Flux: I experience a thing that’s basically me empathing with my future self. If a significant event is coming up, I’ll feel the emotions tied to it. It happens enough that it’s been noticed by others. Anyone else?

Scelana: Pretty much how I work with the feelings, visuals, etc i get for such things

Rainsong: Kate: The random ones that show up suddenly usually are too sudden for the logical part of the mind to muck around with, until you’ve had a few seconds to analyse it

Kate Embers: Had those with an accident ahead on the highway, a forest fire, and people at my former place. Can’t remember more, but there surely have been. They’re usually a lot more insignificant.

Flux: Also, if anyone is interested, there’s a neat esp game called ESP Trainer for the iPhone. It’s done by some research folks.

Rainsong: Flux: Some researchers think that a lot of precog is “getting data from the future self”, empathic and otherwise. It’s not proven, but it works pretty well as a model for a lot of precog.

Flux: Huh, that’s interesting. Wasn’t aware.

Rainsong: And thanks for pointing out that game. My go-to/always-recommend games are no longer available.

Scelana: How interesting

Flux: You’re welcome. 😀

Rainsong: Also for the record: None of the examples I gave were hypothetical.

rowinha: Psigarden died, right?

Rainsong: Yea, they pulled it

Rainsong: (In three of the four cases, had the people in question not listened to their hunches, they’d be dead now. In the fourth case, they simply would have been delayed for several hours in getting back from the store because of a large traffic smash-up closing the highway)

Kate Embers: what o.o

rowinha: Impending doom is louder than impending everything-else.

Rainsong: Pretty much

Nevyn: I could do with impending free food being louder

Nickodemo: Lol

Flux: The feeling needs to have a vector.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Kate Embers: yep

Kate Embers: how to train precog for indefinite outcomes?

Rainsong: What sort?

Scelana: I prefer to play things safe when I get dangerous situation type warnings

Flux: To train for the indefinite you can try to predict a random image that hasn’t been generated yet.

ceahhettan: Just read up. No questions here.

Kate Embers: With a dice you know it’ll be {1, 2,… , 6}. But what about infinite possible outcomes?

Kate Embers: Generating random images, should be able to code that :thinking: yea, should be easy

Rainsong: Further-future indefinite outcomes can be practiced by jotting down the gist of the three main news stories for your area, for the next day. Check them against the actual stories, and then predict the following day’s stories… This is confounded by knowing the general track the news is taking, of course.

Kate Embers: ALright ^^

Flux: Until you get your random image generator going, try this out.

Kate Embers: Python with PIL/Pillow is great for that. Won’t take me long 😀 10 minutes maybe :joy:

Flux: :thumbsup:

Scelana: I wonder what’s the best way to structure at least my qbasic version of my v1 dice game to make it more suitable for various practice stuffs it might be useable for?

Flux: Are you gonna make the program available?

Nickodemo: How about influencing the incoming danger/impending doom signal to be more what’s the word… ugh(brainfart), like it doesn’t happen each time something not too enjoyable come your way I’m asking how to work more of the time

Nickodemo: get it to work*

Rainsong: The more you pay attention to what comes in, the more impulses you’ll get

Scelana: I would definitely upload it for others to download, though atm it requires dosbox or dos of some sort to get it to run. My qbasic compiler only makes dos exe files hehe

Flux: :thumbsup:

Scelana: I need to learn another language to port it to. Probably I would learn python.

Kate Embers: Regarding my stuff I could give you the sourcecode. Not sure of how much use an executable for Ubuntu would help you.

Kate Embers: Assuming I actually code something for once

Kate Embers: Anyways, thanks a lot for the lecture <3 will definitely train that a lot, precog has always intruiged me 😀 See ya next Saturday night around! ^^

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone.

Goatmistress: Thanks for presenting

Rainsong: As noted, I won’t be teaching a seminar next weekend.

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Rainsong: 😀

Rainsong: For the week after, is there a preference between “affecting weather” and “outbounding/seeing through someone else’s eyes”

Scelana: Both sound very interesting

Flux: Thanks for doing another lecture.

Flux: I like the later.

Flux: I ran a game for the former back in the day. Was called the weather league. We had two seasons. :p

Rainsong: Alright, Outbounding it is

Nickodemo: Ah I assumed as much, thank you Rainsong

Azarea: Thank you for covering this. Are there any other activities or tricks one can do to improve quality of insights other than just raw “listen to your hunches” and bruteforce practicing?

Azarea: eg. preliminary rituals, particular details like “practice with disparate concepts, easier than similar ones” (I recall some CIA paper mentioning this), mental states to be in (is alcohol helpful or hamrful?)

Rainsong: Hi, Azarea. You’re welcome. Quality of insights? Working on keeping the mind calm and mostly-quiet would be useful in that regard. (Not totally quiet, mind… it should still be functioning. Just get rid of most of the idle internal chatter, replaying of jingles, and other rubbish)

Azarea: but not meditation-tier empty, then?

Rainsong: Disparate concepts are definitely easier to distinguish in practice… mostly because you’re only get a part of the concept, or weird distorted Picasso-esque versions of it, more often than not.

Nevyn: it’s sensory…it pretty much all boils down to “pay attention”…so any practices that help that…

Nevyn: honestly, standard situational awareness practices help a TON with this type of sensory

Rainsong: Alcohol was generally found to be non-helpful in the studies in the early and mid-20th century, except in cases where the subject was too tense without it

Rainsong: Caffeine intake, on the order of a cup of coffee (normal cup… not the horse-buckets seen at places like Starbucks), gave slightly improved results in some studies

Azarea: ok

Rainsong: Meditation-tier empty can be good for “guided” clairvoyant activities, such as full-on military RV

Rainsong: Apparently not as useful for day-in, day-out short-term stuff

Nevyn: but not useful for regular practice in so much that you can’t teach yourself to rely on that state, otherwise you get nothing when actually functional around other people

Rainsong: It’s possible to maintain plenary trance over a long period, and be more-or-less functional around other people, of course… but in doing so, even at such a depth of trance, the mind isn’t and can’t be empty.

Nevyn: exactly

Azarea: right

Nevyn: but still, having to maintain a trance for a skill that’s useful for randomly warning you of doom isn’t best practice 😉

Rainsong: An interesting project, depending on your tolerance for such, to practice precog at short-term is to listen to the current American president in any public address – preferably live-streamed – and predict what he’ll say before he says it.

Rainsong: Nevyn: True

Rainsong: Picking up radio broadcast is probably good auxiliary practice for this, by the way. Pick a channel, feel around for it, and listen. Then turn on a radio to that channel and see how accurate your reception was

Rainsong: It’s often seen as a telepathy practice, but it’s one of the questionable “which receptive skill is it and does it matter” cases

Nevyn: you can also do that and aim for a few minutes ahead, so you can check exactly. or record it in a way you can’t hear it and check after

Rainsong: I suggest choosing a channel that normally broadcasts in a language you understand, by the way.

Flux: Dunno if I’m the only one that notices this, but when I’m doing lots of viewings in a short amount of time, I tend to notice more spontaneous precog events even if the viewings aren’t future events.

Rainsong: nods Practicing any of the receptive abilities intensively improves at least some of the others at the same time.

Nevyn: you’re not the only one. when you force yourself to consciously pay attention it tends to last for awhile afterwards

Flux: Ah, so I’m not alone in this.

Rainsong: Not at all

Nevyn: as Rainsong sorta alluded to, it’s also sorta hard to focus on one type of input without having bleedover into others. takes a fair bit of practice to avoid it, and even then it’s never 100%

Rainsong: Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish precog from pk, too. Something to keep in mind when practicing with cards, roulette wheels, and the like.

Rainsong: Of course, for some purposes, it doesn’t matter. If you’re actually playing roulette in the casino, presumably your objective is to call the result correctly by whatever means is most expedient.

Nevyn: especially micro-pk

Rainsong: But if you’re predicting coin-flips as a practice run in ARV, and adjusting the flip instead of accurately predicting it, the exercise is not useful for its intended purpose

Nevyn: but also macro. that’s why you need to practice in settings where what you’re trying to move can’t be moved any other way…glass over psiwheel and whatnot

Rainsong: Radiometer, with light-meter recording the light levels.

Nevyn: radiometer in a pitch black room with an IR camera pointed at it so you can check results after 😉

Rainsong: Random hundred-pound granite boulders work, too

Rainsong: With a radiometer, you want to stop it, so you need there to be light or enough heat to move the flags.

Nevyn: true. my setting would just make it so you want to move it

Nevyn: IR doesn’t affect it, right?

Nevyn: I might have to test that

Rainsong: IR can affect it, yea

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