Outbounding / “Seeing” Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: August 25, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Outbounding / “Seeing” through someone else’s eyes (such as the proverbial fly on the wall…) -Saturday, 25 August 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE37

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is Outbounding, or “seeing through someone else’s eyes”

Rainsong: It is a subcategory of telepathy

Rainsong: And, it was used for early proof-of-principle experiments in remote viewing, so you will be seeing this again…

Rainsong: Are there any questions or comments before we get going on this?

Rare peypey: none here

Rainsong: I don’t see anyone typing, so I’ll take that as a “no”

Rainsong: Pop quiz: What uses can you think of for literally looking through someone else’s eyes. Hint: the someone doesn’t need to be human.

Rare peypey: reading something (assuming a good amount of clarity)

Chirotractor: Making sure your pets can’t see where you hid the treats.

Chirotractor: A very high effort mirror.

Chirotractor: getting some sympathy for your blind friends

Chirotractor: A literal seeing eye dog

Scelana: Gaining a view or different angled view of an area you’re not able to easily reach, gaining information, and seeing places you’ve never been to before. 1st few i can think of off top my head hehe

Rainsong: Well done, all of you. Lots of good ideas there.

Rainsong: When looking through the eyes of a member of a different species, keep in mind that they see differently than you do.

Rainsong: For example, someone with multi-facetted eyes – like a dragonfly, for example – detects motion very well indeed, but can’t see enough detail to read from a newspaper.

Rainsong: Also, be aware that even other humans will see colours differently, so some things will look strange.

Rainsong: Of course, you might also pick up things other than the visual data, when you’re engaged in this kind of activity, so be aware that you might get twitchy if you are looking through the eyes of a juvenile red squirrel who’s just eaten a jelly candy the size of his forearm…

Rainsong: And – one more warning to be aware of – the being whose eyes you’re using may well be aware you’re there. Some beings might not take kindly to the intrusion and take whatever actions they deem appropriate. So, for example, if you decide to use this for espionage purposes, it might be safest – albeit not particularly ethical – to look through the eyes of someone who doesn’t have any particular talent or skill

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

Rare peypey: the person would need some skill to realise that they are having their eyes looked through, right?

Scelana: Is this limited to use with physical beings only or can you use an energetic being’s vision as well?

Rainsong: Rare Peypey: Not necessarily. Someone can be sensitive and completely lacking in skill

Chirotractor: How much can that danger be mitigated by a friendly disposition and willingness to fuck the hell off if asked

Rainsong: Scelana: Probably both, but the latter is based on hearsay evidence only. I’ve heard and read of people doing this with noncorporeal beings, but I haven’t done it myself.

Rainsong: Chiro: Most of it

Fadyn: I suspect it would be difficult to rule out regular RV if you were looking through the “eyes” of an energetic being.

Chirotractor: I mean it’d be pretty easy.. seems to me

Chirotractor: if your perspective changes when they look at something else then…

Rainsong: Strictly speaking, you can rule out RV by the simple expedient of not following an RV protocol. However, you can’t rule out clairvoyance even with corporeal beings.

Fadyn: Sorry, I should have been more specific. That was keyed off your note that it was used in early RV.

Rainsong: It’ll be _easier_ to rule out clairvoyance when doing telepathy, than the other way around, but not totally fool-proof because your file-clerk dude sometimes takes instructions oddly

Rainsong: Fadyn: Not to worry.

Rainsong: Any other questions or commentary at this stage?

Flux: Not from me.

Chirotractor: None that are coherent and topical.

Scelana: I don’t have any more atm

Rainsong: Froody.

Rainsong: We’ve talked about what it is, what it’s used for, and some cautions to keep in mind when using it.

Rainsong: I expect the main area of interest is _how_ to actually _accomplish_ it.

Fadyn: The easy part, right?

Rainsong: grins That’s the spirit.

Rainsong: The simplest approach is to calm your own mind, quietly consider the being whose eyes you plan to use, and ask yourself/subconscious “What is (being) seeing right now?”

Rainsong: Simple, yes.

Rainsong: Easy, no.

Rainsong: I’m including it for sake of completeness, but I’ve found that most people don’t find it the best way to start out in this.

Rainsong: So, next plan…

Rainsong: Have any of you _not_ learned to move your seat of consciousness around your body?

Sheep Sheepington: No.

Rainsong: (There’s no need to be embarrassed, if so. It’s only common practice in _some_ “schools”/methods of psionics)

ceahhettan: Good evening.

Rainsong: Hi, Ceah

Scelana: I don’t think I’ve successfully moved it around my body yet.
Would having had it float a little above your face while in a laying flat on back position at times be good enough though?
I tried my best to describe it hehe

Chirotractor: I’ve learned to sorta split it in two and move the other half about

Rainsong: Scelana: Moving it above your face is the right idea. You might need more practice for this to work more-or-less consistently, but you’ve got something to work from.

Rainsong: Chiro: That’d work.

Scelana: Cool

Scelana: I’ve had that happen a few times while meditating

Fadyn: @Scelana Try starting off in your feet. When I was learning it seemed to help because it was so drastically different. Small moves just didn’t work.

Fadyn: It also doubles as great practice for relaxing your body a little at a time which is great if you have any issues falling asleep.

Scelana: Ahh thxies for the tip

Rainsong: Good idea, Fadyn.

Rainsong: A quick review for those who might be a little shaky on it (and for Sheep if that “no” meant “nope, haven’t done that one”)

Sheep Sheepington: that’d be correct

Rainsong: First, observe where your consciousness normally sits. Or, at least, where it is sitting right now.

Chirotractor: which means?

Rainsong: For many people, it’s in or behind (or sometimes under or over) the eyes. For some, it’s closer to the throat or centre of the chest near the heart. And some wander around pretty freely.

Rainsong: The important bit is to notice where it is. There is not a “correct” place.

Rainsong: Chiro: Where are “you” in your body?

Fadyn: (Some people really do talk out of their ass)

Rainsong: For example, if – heaven forbid – your foot were amputated, would you still be in it? Or would you be in the remaining parts of your body?

Rainsong: Where is your hand in relation to you?

Rainsong: Are you above or below your waist?

Rainsong: (Yep. See, for example, “politicians”)

Rainsong: When you look at something, where are you looking from?

Rainsong: And how large a section of your body are you in?

Rainsong: Are you in fact in your body, or are you “floating” somewhere outside it?

Rainsong: Give it some consideration. Observe, and notice where “you” are.

Sheep Sheepington: It seems a bit abstract

Chirotractor: What if you don’t seem to be anywhere in particular?

Flux: Sheep, can you focus on a part of your body and then move that focus?

Sheep Sheepington: Yeah

Flux: While moving your focus, can you feel a part of you that seems to stay put, or is all of you moving with that focus?

Sheep Sheepington: I guess I don’t completely understand.

Flux: It’s okay. We can talk about it later. Don’t want to hold things up.

Sheep Sheepington: Righty

Rainsong: It’s not an easy concept. So, if it isn’t something you’ve considered before, it’s not at all strange that it would seem confusing.

Rainsong: And it wanders into philosophy and metaphysics and other related stuff… “Is the mind separate from the brain?” “What defines ‘life’ in a living body?” “At what point is a body dead?”

Rainsong: It can get real complicated, real fast.

Rainsong: For our purposes, at the moment, what we’re looking for is the part of you that’s trying to figure out what the fluff I’m talking about.

Rainsong: If you close your eyes and make a fist with your left hand, where would you describe your hand as being?

Rainsong: (If you lack a left hand, consider the same thought experiment with a fist of your right hand, or pointing a foot, or twitching your nose…)

Rainsong: Anyone?

Rainsong: Or have I _completely_ lost you on this one?

Flux: I gotcha.

Chirotractor: Following 😛

Flux: It would be located to my right and down from me.

Flux: Err left.

Rainsong: (Depending on where you’re holding the fist, too)

Rainsong: But clearly you have the idea here. 😀

Flux: True.

Scelana: Left and down from me as well, I’m pretty much one the one’s who’s roughly around behind their eyes location wise

Rainsong: Excellent

Rainsong: Having found where _you_ are, the next step is to gently move around.

Rainsong: Some people find it easiest to do this with the eyes closed…

Rainsong: Some prefer to look at what they are moving to…

Rainsong: Some move their consciousness in the same manner in which they move bunches of psi-stuff around their fields. (It can feel as though your breath is going the same place you’re moving to… but that sounds even weirder and less understandable than the idea of where “you” are to start with….)

Rainsong: The third step is then to move “you” behind or near the person/being you’re looking through and literally look through their eyes…

Rainsong: It can be very disorienting, the first few times.

Rainsong: Next up, the more cyber-punk psionics approach to things.

Rainsong: Questions or comments before we proceed to that?

Flux: Nope.

Chirotractor: I used to think i knew how to do this

Rainsong: As with most psionic activities, there’s more than one entirely valid, workable way to proceed

Scelana: Is moving your “you” inside your target a viable option as well? Like for example just sitting inside their mind/head area? Or is that more of a different thing entirely?

Rainsong: Yes, that’s a viable option.

Scelana: I was wondering, I’ve done that some in my sleep over the years hehe

Scelana: Was a little odd experiencing it for my 1st time when I was younger

Rainsong: Certainly

Scelana: It wasn’t confusing afaik but I definitely became quite curious

Rainsong: nods How confusing it is or is not is determined by a number of variables. Looking through the eyes of an insect or a fish probably isn’t the best choice for a first attempt.

Scelana: True

Rainsong: Alrighty… cyber-punk approach #1…

Rainsong: If any of you have read Chuck Cosimano’s stuff (“Uncle Chuckie”), you may remember how he has spoken of using an imaginary television camera to focus on looking at something far away. Or to make a construct “eye” to look through.

Rainsong: This is something similar.

Rainsong: Put together a friendly little construct along the lines of a camera such as you’d see in those “Google glasses” and the like, or like a spy might use. Attach said construct either to the being’s body or the edge of the field near one or both eyes.

Rainsong: Or the top of the head… The angle will be skewed, but it’s still usable.

Rainsong: The programming for the construct includes:
-shape and “holding together” for “duration”
-connecting with and attaching to target being
-detecting and recording visual data
-relaying said data back to you in usable form (hint: it can be useful to specify the format. Example: movie-like visuals projected on an imaginary whiteboard)
-on and off signals/switches

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Scelana: I have none atm

Chirotractor: Seems like that would be handier to work with thing with confusing perceptions

Flux: Nope. I use to connect to a construct and have it fly around a like drone. I feel like I’m in familiar territory.

Rainsong: Good stuff

Rainsong: Sheep? Is this sounding more understandable?

Rainsong: (It would be “wrong” to add a mosquito-like buzz to such a drone as Flux uses, and fly it around someone’s head in the late evening, wouldn’t it…)

Flux: Very wrong.

Scelana: Hehe

Rainsong: Cyber Punk approach #2

Rainsong: This will be familiar to some of you, because it’s similar to the method of “borrowing” someone else’s memories and/or skills.

Rainsong: Calmly and quietly consider the person/being/critter in question.

Rainsong: If you like to use props to help you navigate, choose/locate/assemble such things at this stage.

Rainsong: The brain can be thought of as part of the mind’s hardware. (Or _all_ of the mind’s hardware, depending on which philosophical approach you have… Doesn’t make much difference for this model, though, so don’t worry about it.)

Rainsong: Imagine a computer screen or other interface device. Said device can have a real-world equivalent, or it can be strictly imaginary/fictional. Whatever appeals to you.

Rainsong: “Pretend” that the computer you’re interfacing with is in fact the other being’s mind.

Rainsong: Seek out the “visual stimuli” or “ocular nerve input” or similar file, by whatever means is most convenient.

Rainsong: Personally, I tend to use icons on a Windows-style device.. “folders” and files inside and so on

Rainsong: For some purposes, it’s been an imaginary filing cabinet with paper files.

Rainsong: Occasionally, a bunch of videotapes in a cabinet…

Rainsong: This model is only effective for beings with brains (or, presumably, whatever the energetic equivalent is).

Rainsong: At least, I haven’t found it works well with creatures with more primitive sensory structures: jellyfish, amoebas, and the like.

Rainsong: Some of them can detect light, but they tend not to “see” as such, anyway.

Fadyn: (For the throwback! So it doesn’t work with politicians?)

Rainsong: find the file for “current visual data” and open it up.

Rainsong: (Too true!)

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Flux: Nope. Seems pretty straightforward.

Flux: It reminds me of a method that I use, but mine is more hand-wavy.

Rainsong: mhmm?

Rainsong: Possession/Obsession is also an option, but not one I intend to teach.

Rainsong: And, of course, this seeing-thing works in reverse. It’s possible to cause someone else to see what you’re seeing, which can be equally useful in, for example, espionage.

Rainsong: Or poker

Chirotractor: Suggesting the slightly bullshit method of just assuming that you can see what they see and seeing what comes of it

Flux: I just connected a cord to wherever was producing visual signals and plugged the other end up to me.

Chirotractor: if that works for you

Flux: I like that.

Rainsong: Chiro: Sure, why not? If it produces good results that can be verified later, even the most “bullshit” methods have merit.

Flux: When I’d use my method, I’d close my eyes and passively wait for visuals. It worked okay.

Rainsong: Flux: sounds good

Flux: It’s one of potentially thousands. I’ll try all the ones here and see what gives me the best results.

Scelana: I’ve had the reverse one happen before, I was the receiver of the sent visual data at those times

Rainsong: nods

Flux: Neat.

Scelana: I don’t think I’ve at least intentionally sent like that yet though

Rainsong: Might be something to try, sometime, then. Yea?

Rainsong: Any other questions or comments?

Flux: None from me.

Scelana: That would be interesting to try

Chirotractor: ‘m good

Scelana: I have no further questions so far atm

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone.

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Flux: Thanks for the lecture.

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