Aeon Trinity Series: Upeo wa Macho Conference: Teleportation

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: September 15, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: “Aeon Trinity” Series – Upeo wa Macho Conference – teleportation (real world psionics, in spite of the game-inspired topic, but largely theoretical and historical discussion) -Saturday, 15 September 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE40

Rainsong: Anyone up for the seminar tonight?

Chirotractor: not enough to force it if nobody else is

Rainsong: That’s perfectly fair.

Rainsong: It’s a topic we cover periodically, but only in the historical and theoretical sense, because I personally do not teleport.

Nickodemo: It’s definetely an interesting topic to talk about nonetheless

Scelana: It does sound rather interesting

Rose: i agree

Rose: and i’m staying up late today anyway… and i feel fairly okay

Rose: i may not be very active, but i’ll read along

Rainsong: “Fairly okay” is positive 😀

Rose: yeah… but the method through which i’ve become fairly okay is not. But that’s not for the lecture…

Scelana: I hope you get better soon Rose

Rose: thank you Scelena

Rainsong: I hope so, too.

Rainsong: It appears we have a quasi-quorum, so…

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar in the Aeon Trinity Conference series, here at the Social Club

Rainsong: Upeo wa Macho is a fictional organization, from the Aeon Trinity game. Their speciality is teleportation.

Rainsong: “Teleportation” is typically thought of as going from point A to point F without going through points B through E in between.

Rainsong: And that’s one of the ways to do it

Rose: i.e. the theory of folding spacetime?

Rainsong: It can also refer to a “shortcut” through a wormhole or other portal, or taking a back route through another reality

Rainsong: Rose: yes

Rainsong: And it can also refer to quantum entanglement.

Rainsong: That last one might become the basis for some interesting computational and communications bits, and there’ve been quite a few lab experiments with entangled photons.

Rainsong: At first, they were getting this thing to work at a distance of up to a metre or so, then kilometres, and then to a space station. There is some controversy about the land-to-space-station claims, however. And I cannot speak to whether the experiment was fraudulent or not, with any kind of certainty.

Chirotractor: Did not know that cool thing

Rainsong: A couple of pop/news pieces about it. There are many.



Rainsong: Questions and/or commentary at this point?

Scelana: I have none so far

Rainsong: As you can imagine, regular garden-variety teleportation is of interest to a number of organizations and individuals. And obviously, military organizations are included in that group.

Nickodemo: No questions so far

Rose: I have one

Rainsong: Way back in 2004, a report was approved for release by the American air force. It was a preliminary study conducted into the various kinds of teleportation seen as feasible for military use.

Rainsong: It’s interesting, but not an easy read:

Rainsong: Rose?

Rose: Is all scientific material currently out there, focused on the atomic/sub-atomic and quantum levels of matter, instead of macro levels?

Rose: …my apologies for any wrong terminology there >.< I figure you understand what I mean even if it isn’t fully correct terminology

Rainsong: The question is easily understood.

Rainsong: There are Chinese studies that involve small macro-level items: flowers from a garden outside the “lab”, coins, pills, and so on.

Rainsong: There are pop-science accounts written in English – the ones I have are sections of books. There is some doubt as to the accuracy of the claims.

Rainsong: That said, I happen to know that macro-level teleportation can be done.

Rainsong: So, I’m not about to dismiss their claims out of hand.

Rose: But teleportation, especially teleportation through psionics, has never been seen in public anywhere ever, as far as I know…

Rose: then again, the same seems to be true of PK, somehow, even though some people show some other people… somehow, it stays underground… I’ve always wondered why that happens. Subject for another lecture?

rowinha: weirdness censor.

Rose: “weirdness censor”? what’s that?

Chirotractor: It just runs counter to the commonly assumed nature of the world

rowinha: it means people will disbelieve things when disbelief is easier than accepting the possibility that it might be real.

Rainsong: Teleportation is much less common than other types of PK, there aren’t all that many people who can do it at will. For example, my school chum just worked on it enough to make it stop, and really didn’t want to even think about it again once he could keep it from happening.

Rose: to make it stop? He was doing teleportation by accident, without having control?

Rainsong: Yes.

Rose: yeesh… was it full teleportation or dangerous mixing of matter?

Rainsong: I did not witness any of those occasions, for the record, but I don’t have reason to doubt him.

Rainsong: Full teleportation. Not very far – typically within thirty metres or so. But he slipped backward in time slightly, in at least a few occasions.

Rainsong: With witnesses.

Rose: he teleported his entire body?

Rainsong: Yes

Rose: …had he accomplished this through practice or had this just been happening to him without being insanely highly skilled in PK?

Chirotractor: honestly that sounds like the sort of thing I’d like to stop too

Rainsong: It started happening with no known precipitating factor. He was familiar with the concepts of psionics but viewed it as something other people did

Scelana: Wow, I don’t blame him for wanting to have control with stopping it from happening unconsciously

Rainsong: He was lucky: he didn’t end up ‘porting into the ground, or into the nearby ocean or lake.. or up in the air… much

Rose: so he didn’t even practice psionics?

Rainsong: He did not

Rose: wow….

Scelana: An interestng thing to have so much aptitude with, though definitely it has it’s risks

Rose: that’s definitely an ability you want to have self control over…

Rainsong: nods

Rainsong: Questions or commentary before we get into some speculative stuff?

Rose: do you have any idea what caused his teleportation? and his aptitude for it?

Rainsong: No idea.

Rose: nods

Rainsong: He was still in shock when he showed up at school on the day he did it for the first time.

Rose: did he have any control over where he teleported to? i.e. did he teleport to where he thought of when it happened?..

Rainsong: None at all.

Rose: oh wow… if it was completely out of his control, how are you sure it was him, and not an entity or something else?

Rainsong: I can’t say that any of us are sure. The symptoms it caused were very like any other overextending with PK. (He was hospitalized after one of the occasions)

Rainsong: But there’s no way to be certain that it wasn’t just a garden variety “wild talent”/poltergeist-like situation. He was at the age where “wild talent” PK things normally happen, if they’re going to

Rose: And.. so he didn’t have control over where he teleported to. But did it just happen to him randomly, at random times? Or did he trigger it consciously, just without control over where he ended up?

Rainsong: It happened at random times, based on his accounts of it.

Rose: nods

Rose: that’s very interesting.. fascinating actually. I’m done with my questions.

Rainsong: Anyone else have any questions or commentary before we get to the speculative stuff?

Rainsong: Apparently not.

Rainsong: Alright… I’m emphasizing that what is speculation. Just want to keep that clear.

Rainsong: As some of you are aware, I had a situation back around the turn of the century, that involved phasing through stuff.

Rainsong: And one of the times, a witness to it happening indicated that I’d seemed to fade out of being.

Rainsong: From my point of view, it seemed like I was “between” but not part of several similar realities.

Rainsong: The aforementioned witness helped me get back

Rose: already have a question..

Rainsong: As I’ve freely admitted before, it’s possible that all or part of that situation was hallucination. (No, none of us was using drugs of any kind at the time, illicit or otherwise)

Rainsong: Rose?

Rose: Your point of view at that time… the viewpoint you saw of being between several realities, did that replace your physical vision? Or was it in your “mind’s eye” like with partial projection?

Rainsong: As far as I know, it was my physical vision.

Rainsong: If the witnesses and I were not hallucinating, my body was “wherever” I’d phased into

Rose: nods

Rose: seems unlikely, since you were both seeing it…

Rainsong: And if what appeared to be happening is in fact what was happening, I would speculate that it would have become a kind of teleportation if I had gone into one of the other apparent realities instead of back where I’d just been.

Rose: well… if you two saw it at the same time, one of the other possibilities is shared hallucination… but if we get into that.. then pretty much all psionics can be claimed to be a shared hallucination.. it’s unnerving to think about

Chirotractor: Is this the Darkest Timeline then?

Rainsong: Allowing for the fact that I only saw a handful of “places” clearly, I couldn’t say for sure that this is the darkest one, but it’s pretty dark…

Chirotractor: Oh well that’s pretty sad

Rose: You mean the reality you’re in now, is one of the darker ones compared to what you saw?…

Rainsong: There wasn’t a lot of difference that I could determine, practically speaking, really. The locations looked different. Whether they were better or worse is unknown.

Chirotractor: You mean there wasn’t a handy and easily quantifiable ‘darkness’ meter, he asked sarcastically

Rainsong: There are cases on record of people either going into or through “other places”, or coming from another place to “here”. For example, some folks driving through the desert southwest of the USA passed into a heavily forested area in an area where there should not have been any forest at all. They turned around and noped out of there… and the woods were gone when they returned the next day.

Rainsong: Another time, a guy was detained at Narita Airport in Tokyo because he claimed to be from a country that does not exist.

Rainsong: Chiro: Yep 😀

Rainsong: Yet another time, a woman showed up for work only to discover that she worked in a different division of her company doing something completely different.. and her romantic relationship was different, too.

Rainsong: That last one could conceivably be a fugue situation, as easily as a slipped-between-realities situation, of course.

Rainsong: And all three of these could be chalked up to folklore. I do not know the people in question, and have no way to verify whether the stories are true.

Rainsong: Questions or commentary at this point?

Rainsong: Not seeing any…

Rainsong: This next bit isn’t as speculative, but I want to make it clear that I have not done this myself.

Rainsong: Another friend of mine sometimes teleports small objects.

Rainsong: He uses what amounts to microPK to accomplish this.

Rainsong: He focuses on the thing being where he intends it to be, ignoring where it “is”.

Rainsong: Much like the micro-PK versions of healing, he ignores how it would get there. And even the fact that it needs to travel there. Just keeping in mind the desired end result.

Rainsong: (combined, obviously, with the actual PK part… by whatever method of micro-PK he feels like using)

Rainsong: Some of the accounts of the Chinese experiments with teleportation of small objects involves much the same thing.

Rainsong: I’ve heard of – and tried, unsuccessfully – using a drawn “door” like something out of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon or a metal gate, to direct the mind to think in terms of the reality-folding portal thing. Again, I did not get it to work.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Rose: Chiro: who asked what sarcastically?

Chirotractor: Seems like the sort of thing that you test on other people first

Rose: also, that method sounds nice

Rainsong: To be clear, the paper “door” thing was attempted with small inanimate objects.

Rose: how is that MicroPK though? isn’t that macroPK?

Rainsong: Yes, but the approach to accomplish it was as though it were micro-PK. Doing micro-PK feels different from and usually involves different methods than macroPK

Scelana: Both methods sound interesting, I imagine at least for some it can take a bit of practice to get results especially noticeable ones

Rainsong: I’d expect so, yes

Rainsong: I think that’s pretty much it for this seminar.

Rainsong: Any questions? comments?

Goatmistress: Very nice.

Rainsong: Thanks 😀

Rose: You began with talk about the millitary and so on. I assume they’re focused on accomplishing this through technology instead of psionics? And, what’s known about that?

Rainsong: The report I linked to above favoured psionics above the other options, actually.

Rainsong: However, I don’t know what they’ve done with it since.

Scelana: I have no questions atm That phasing experience you had sounds quite scary or at least be a bit of a shock at 1st

Goatmistress: That report was completed around Thanksgiving of 2003. It recommended a year-long follow-up to define the scope of future research. Since the results of the follow-on don’t seem to be available, I’d tend to conclude that either it was never done, or the results are classified.

Goatmistress: But since the recommended $80,000 budget for the follow-on is chickenfeed for the Air Force, I’d guess that they did it.

Rainsong: I’m inclined to agree

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone.

Goatmistress: Thanks for putting it on.

Rainsong: Next week’s seminar is another in the same series: Conference of the Ministry of Psionic Affairs (Telepathy)

Rose: Thanks for the lecture 😀

Rainsong: 😀

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Nickodemo: Thanks rainsong

Flux: Bah, sorry I missed missed this. The teleportation of objects is a somewhat common occurrence with seance groups with a physical medium present. Physical mediums are pretty uncommon, so this is still a rare event. But it happens enough that a lot of spiritualist that have been a part of the practice for a long time have witnessed it.

Flux: My experience so far is that every spiritualist I’ve talked to has seen it occur. There’s also a story with Peter Carroll having a spontaneous case of object teleportation in Psychonaout, the often slept on second half of Liber Null/Psychonaut.

Flux: I believe I’ve witnessed it happening once myself. Possibly twice.

Rainsong: Nifty. I confess I have very little practical knowledge of the physical medium folks. Obviously, I’ve read about them, but not with enough background to be comfortable sorting with proverbial wheat from the chaff

Flux: There’s a spiritualist community near my mother-in-law.

Flux: I showed up at one of there public seances and got to hear all about coins falling from thing air at the previous one. Dang it. Missed that one. 🙁

Flux: Am a spiritualist in the sense that I believe that spirits of the departed can linger or show up, but that’s about it. I am fascinated by physical mediumship though.

Rainsong: If belief that “spirits of the departed can linger or show up” makes one a spiritualist, then I am one also.

Flux: I think that’s all. Spiritism is under the umbrella but are also Christians. They tend to take try and take a science based approach. They categorize and proceduralize the practice more than the typical spiritualist. A lot of their info comes from channeled spirits. Interesting stuff. Am not a Christian or religious myself, but I enjoy reading their beliefs. Allan Kardec wrote most of their important works in the 1800s. That’s my understanding at least

Flux: It appeals to me because they were trying to establish some kind of rational method to producing and understanding supernatural phenomenon.

Rainsong: Allan Kardec, hmm? Thanks. I’ll look into his work.

Flux: Sure thing. The Book on Mediums has a bit that’s of interest to people that practice PK. Not saying it’s correct, but there’s a theory as to how the spirits do it that’s not far off from what a lot of PKers report.

Scelana: Ooo how interesting

Rainsong: Thanks for sharing that.

Rainsong: Have a lovely evening

Flux: You too!

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