Evading Detection

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: December 29, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Evading Detection (Whisp’s idea) -Saturday, 29 December 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE55

Whisp: yay

Chirotractor: how 2 be sneaky and play pranks on ur frens

Whisp: lol
and….how to get better at gathering information without scaring the bejesus out of people

Kate Embers: I’ll read up tomorrow 😀 thanks in advance!

Scelana: I’ll do my best to at least keep up with the lecture today, been sick lately.

Rainsong: Hi, all.
We’ll be starting in just a few minutes (presuming folks are around)
Are there requests for the New Year? We’ll be continuing with Remote Viewing, still.

Rainsong: We’re at the bottom of the hour. Anyone here?

AKA: hey

Rainsong: Hi, AKA

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Scelana: I’m kinda here if that counts, sickness making me a little less functional today hehe

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is “Evading Detection”, at Whisp’s request. It’ll mostly be in the context of scanning, probably
Or, at least, not accidentally whapping people around the head when trying to do a basic field scan.
Are there any questions, before we dive in?

Scelana: I don’t think I have any atm

Chirotractor: Hi there
I’m good for questions

Scelana: Heya Lutasi!

Rainsong: Hi, Scelana
Hi, Chiro

Rainsong: For purposes of completeness, we’ll start with the obvious.
When noobs scan, they often push too hard.
Pushing is not useful for getting information.
It’s kind of like examining a blown-glass ornament by going at it with a baseball bat. 😛

Rainsong: If you are feeling the surface of a field with your hands, lightly touch the edge of the field with the forward edge of your palm, with your fingers extended back a little (overextended, but not so much that it hurts

Rainsong: The same applies if you’re using the “imaginary doll” method for distance work
Ideally, use the hand you don’t normally write with.

Rainsong: If you approach things by… approaching things, keep back a bit from whatever you’re looking at instead of crashing into it.

Whisp: (really good analogy Rain)

Rainsong: Anything “not obvious” yet?

Whisp: maybe?

Rainsong: mhmm?

Whisp: When scanning, especially at random, the amount of oomph in the searching…how to control or calibrate that?
You wanna say hi…not knock the person over

Rainsong: Breathe slowly, from the belly (should do that anyway) and either puff your field out so it’s less dense overall or pull your field in tightly around yourself to keep more distance between you and the person you’re scanning.

Rainsong: Calibration comes with practice. Scan folks who know what they’re doing and are reasonably sensitive, and ask what they feel.

Rainsong: Repeatedly.

Scelana: I dunno how good of a method it would be considered but lately when I’ve checked other peoples text linked constructs I have been gently poking at them with my pointer finger of my right hand then I immediately type/write/say the 1st few words that pop into my mind. I’ve noticed that it usually ends up being bout 3 descriptors of some sort and one color on average for 1st set of poking. How much I get with further poking seems to vary though

Scelana: No idea where the method came from, I just started doing it one day

Rainsong: Scelana: try it with your left pointer finger, and compare the results

Rainsong: Further to Whisp’s question: Use as little oomph as possible. If you use a tendril, make it whispy and thin

Whisp: the word ooze comes to mind

Scelana: I’ll have to try that So far I get at least usually one of either a sorta hit to a successful hit with the 1st attempt on a specific linked construct

Scelana: well at least with who i’ve been practicing with

Rainsong: Whisp: Hmm, yes, good one. But go for thin, cool ooze, rather than thick warm ooze.

Rainsong: In most cases, cool impressions will be less obvious and less threatening than cool ones…. Within reason. A quick drop of temperature will give the impression of a ghost, which can freak people out.

Rainsong: Especially people who don’t believe in ghosts

Whisp: lol

Rainsong: I believe I don’t need to elaborate on the practical-joke possibilities here

Chirotractor: I tend to just… be a fluid and permeate a space…

Rainsong: nods to Chiro

Whisp: oh yeah. misinterpretation of intent leads to all kinds of chaos

ceahhettan: making people think places are haunted is fun.

Rainsong: (Going to elaborate on the practical joke option anyway: combining the drop in temperature with minor PK effects can be lots of fun. Just sayin’)

Rainsong: hi, Ceah

Whisp: I know why I choose to be undetected whilst scanning here and there. What are your reasons?

Rainsong: If you choose the permeate-a-space option, and you’re a noob, I’d suggest permeating near the person you’re scanning, rather than overlapping their space. Overlapping without them noticing and possibly reacting as though attacked can be more difficult than you’d think

Rainsong: Whisp: General question? Or directed to one person?

Whisp: to all

Rainsong: For me, it depends what I’m doing.

Chirotractor: I just like to be unobtrusive as a general rule.

Whisp: For me, its also dependent on what I’m doing.
Stealth has obvious benefits when surrounded by newbs, who tend to be quite jittery.

Rainsong: Also useful if you’re engaging in espionage

Whisp: True that.
I find it useful when doing a channel-check. I think it just becomes habit when babysitting a psi chan to run quiet checks on what is going on at any given time.

Rainsong: Conversely, it can be amusing to show up on the surveillance cameras in a place a couple hundred – or thousand – kliks from your body’s location

Whisp: oh, now thats sounds like a future prank to look forward to 🙂

Rainsong: Or to stay off of surveillance cameras were your body is…. Puffing out the field with lots of “interference patterns” along the edges

Whisp: Excellent.

Rainsong: You wanted avoiding detection 😉

Whisp: I think that method also helps with not being remembered by people in your physical vicinity
Oh yeah. I sneak up on people near and far.

Rainsong: Hedge Shields are your friends.
Everyone here already knows how to do those, right?

Whisp: Using evasion more as a protection measure than anything else.

AKA: n o p e

Whisp: And, being noticed alters the probable outcome of people you are observing. They change their behavior.

Rainsong: Alright, our next section this evening is the Hedge Shield.

Rainsong: Are there any comments or questions before we start on that?

Whisp: Headge shield is good, but detectable. I prefer to ‘roll in it’
Pick up something in the background, mimic its pattern to your field and blend into the scenery

Scelana: it sounds like that would also be useful to use when even fully projected in even the astral and you need to be sneaky for some reason

Rainsong: Of course

Scelana: I’ll have to give that a try one these days

Whisp: camoflage is a nice tool
If you are spying, blend in and add a few constructs to make sure you have all areas covered. And keep quiet.

Rainsong: Anything else before we proceed with the Hedge Shield?

Rainsong: Alright, I’ll take that as a ‘no’

Rainsong: “Hedge Shield” is local slang, and refers to a category of shields that conceals you from people, critters, and/or electronic detectors… even when they are actively looking for you.

Rainsong: There are a number of kinds.

Rainsong: And they have a number of names both in this community and in the broader world. It’s a pretty obvious application, and is very popular.

Rainsong: The “hedge” part is a joke referring to a running gag in the comic series “The Tick”

Rainsong: In that series, there are ninjas who pose as telephone repairmen, and who hid by standing in a row and holding a twig in front of themselves.

Rainsong: At this point, they calmly explain to passers-by that they are a hedge. “We are a hedge. Nothing to see here. Move along, Sir. We are a hedge.”

Rainsong: And in the comic, passers-by will then generally comment on never having noticed that hedge being there before

Rainsong: The simplest form is a shield that conveys a telepathic suggestion on contact: “This is boring, look over there. Everything else is more interesting than anything inside this shield. Squirrel!”

Rainsong: It can be practiced by playing chess, and placing hedge shields around pieces you don’t want your opponent to try to capture.

Rainsong: To add to its effectiveness, add the same “interference pattern” we just mentioned to the outer edge… outermost six or seven inches / fifteen-to0nineteen centimetres

Rainsong: As an alternative, you can do as Whisp mentioned, and project a mimicry of the background/wallpaper/lawn on the surface

Rainsong: If you’re trying to evade electronic as well as human detection, concentrate on the interference patterns. Even go so far as to make small dense constructs as chaff.

Rainsong: The base of the Shield itself can be pretty simple: A Marshmallow or Stone Tower will do nicely. It doesn’t need to be particularly complex or “energy”-dense

Rainsong: Questions or commentary at this point?

Scelana: I have none so far

Rainsong: If in doubt, as far as lightness and loudness and general obnoxiousness goes, try taking a slow in-breath and raising your chest,… to feel a bit like you’re floating

Rainsong: And another way to avoid detection, generally, is to arrange to “do stuff” in an area very close to where something else that is louder and more interesting is happening.

AKA: (thank you this has been interesting, sleep catching up to me)

Rainsong: For example, the Russians are said to attempt to foil remote viewing by having some of their very sensitive meetings one floor below a brothel, during “business” hours]

Rainsong: Have a good evening, AKA
Any questions or commentary before we call it a night?

Whisp: chuckles
good here

Scelana: I don’t know if it relates to this lecture’s topic at all but if someone were to have it setup to where the message/intention/etc of “Back off!” that might even be to where it also causes feelings of cold and uneasiness etc to be projected/sent/etc to people that are attempting to scan, touch, interact, etc with someone without permissions, what would that be considered as?

Rainsong: Projecting a different intention.

Rainsong: Combine it with a mental flipping-off, and it’s also good for getting the aggressive driver behind you to get off your back bumper o:)

Scelana: ah kk
sounds like it might be useful then

Rainsong: yep
Lots og different kinds of intentions can be projected.

Rainsong: Edgar Cayce is said to have projected a “must buy a recreational vehicle” intention to a friend’s prospective client, … I think it was some kind of demonstration or bet?

Rainsong: The client in question did indeed go to buy the vehicle, but went to another dealer because it was closer, and the compulsion to buy right then was so strong.

Rainsong: Cayce was mortified for a number of reasons and vowed never to do anything like that again

Scelana: That is quite interesting
Would the intentions I mentioned be useful in some level of defense purposes in some way?

Rainsong: “Back off”? Possibly, if you did it sharply enough

Scelana: Ahh, kk I figured it wouldn’t have as much use against someone that is of a certain caliber and such on up.

Rainsong: Lots of variables. It’s not wise to assume that any given method will work against all threats.

Scelana: indeed

Rainsong: No matter how good you are, there’s a good chance someone’s better. Some people deliberately make themselves seem less dangerous than they really are. And even highly skilled people make mistakes.Thanks for participating everyone.

Chirotractor: It’s a good topic

Scelana: I’ve always thought that there is going to be someone out there that is better than me Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Rainsong: Thanks for the suggestion, Whisp. Did we cover what you wanted in it?

Rainsong: Thanks, Scelana

Chirotractor: I think it’s her way of saying ‘I have detailed dossiers on everyone here and most of you have no idea’

Rainsong: hehehe

Chirotractor: and that’s rains way of saying ‘me too!’

Whisp: Looks good

Rainsong: Excellent. Thanks.

Rainsong: Have a lovely evening, all

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