Remote Viewing Series Part 5: Monitoring & Demonstration

Instructor: Rainsong & Wayfarer
Date: December 8, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Remote Viewing Series – Part 5 -Saturday, 8 December 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong and Wayfarer — Search LECTURE52

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to this week’s seminar, here at the social club.

Rainsong: We’re on part 5 of the current series on Remote Viewing, and had discussed stages 3 and 4 (along with some exercises) in part 4

Rainsong: Are there any questions or comments arising from the earlier RV classes?

Scelana: I don’t think I have any atm

Wayfarer: How far along into sessions are we now? Stage 3?

Rainsong: We covered stages 3 and 4 last time

Wayfarer: Okay excellent.

Kate Embers: As always I’ll read up on it tomorrow, it’s way too late 😀 thanks in advance!

Rainsong: That’s entirely fair, Kate. Anything unclear, just add questions onto the end of the lecture in here

Rainsong: Have a good evening 🙂

Rainsong: Is anyone else participating tonight?

Rainsong: (Who’s here will determine what’s covered, to some degree)

Wayfarer: lmao well then

Wayfarer: Eh? Eh? Speak up, it’s important!

Scelana: Hehe

Rainsong: Private tutorial for Scelana it is, then

Scelana: is feeling shy

Wayfarer: Welp good thing it’s a private lesson, then.

Scelana: That’s i think what’s making feel shy hehe

Scelana: I’ll manage though

Rainsong: Not to worry.

Rainsong: But if you’d rather wait until next week, when we might have more people, that’s fine, too

Scelana: I don’t mind giving today a shot, least there would be a log then for others to read

Rainsong: Fair enough.

Rainsong: Good stuff 🙂

Rainsong: We’ve gotten to the next “pausing” stage, as far as working through the stages go. It’d be good to get in some practice with actual targets before going further.

Rainsong: We’ll also be discussing monitoring tonight.

Rainsong: Would you like to give a target a try, or would you prefer to do that in more private practice?

ceahhettan: just got off work. Mostly just watching however.

Rainsong: Hi, Ceah

ceahhettan: (I still have some phone calls to make, so.)

Rainsong: (no problem)

Scelana: I dunno if I’m ready for practice yet atm, my sleep cycle has been a bit of a mess lately Been struggling with picking up on things in general lately And I probably would have to reread everything over 1st to make sure i got it all right in my mind And definitely shy bout doing my 1st attempt in public hehe

Rainsong: That’s entirely fair.

Rainsong: Alright, tonight’s topic is monitoring, therefore.

Rainsong: Fortunately, for regular CRV, it’s possible to learn to monitor without having experience as a viewer yourself.

Rainsong: It’s better to have experience as both, though, regardless of which role you prefer

Rainsong: We will not be covering monitoring for the so-called Extended Remote Viewing. That really must be done in person, and requires a background in some other disciplines.

Rainsong: It’s recommended that anyone interested in that sub-category of RV get training in hypnotherapy

Wayfarer: (Incidentally, I tend to do that better, but for reasons discussed I think we’re staying within the CRV framework!)

Rainsong: The purpose of the monitor in the team is to provide support to the viewer.

Rainsong: And that’s the most important thing to remember as a monitor, really.

Rainsong: You’ll be providing the target ID, and prompts.

Rainsong: During demonstration and training sessions (when the monitor is often – but not always – aware of what the target is, you indicate the accuracy of data…

Rainsong: … as you’ve seen me do. “Correct”/C for data that is known to be accurate, “Can’t score” for data that could well be accurate but you have no way of knowing for sure. And so on.

Rainsong: No response at all is given for incorrect data.

Rainsong: I’m pretty sure Wayfarer can give a better explanation than I can as to why that is so

Rainsong: There’s actually more than one reason for it. And we can come back to it at another time

Rainsong: For now, just be aware that it is so

Wayfarer: I don’t know about a better one, but I can explain. Essentially, you don’t want to reinforce the negatives. The short of it is, if you say “no, that’s wrong” you’ll create very gun-shy viewers who don’t want to say everything that comes to mind. You also reinforce the idea that the process is about being right or wrong. But you do want to reinforce and encourage correct data. You don’t want to discourage anything, though. Thus “no,” “wrong,” or “incorrect” should really be avoided.

Scelana: That makes sense

Rainsong: Thanks 🙂

Scelana: Positive reinforcement basically right?

Rainsong: As we’ve discussed before, the viewer is “doing it right” as long as the viewer “stays in structure”…. even if every single piece of data from the ideogram on down is wrong.

Rainsong: However, viewers are typically human, too.

Rainsong: And humans like to be right.

Rainsong: Scelana: yep 🙂

Wayfarer: Encourage correct results to let the viewer learn what is working, but don’t discourage incorrect information or you’ll teach the person not to report everything that comes to mind, which is very important.

ceahhettan: …some humans like to be right more than others.

Rainsong: True enough

Wayfarer: Guilty.

Rainsong: Positive reinforcement is part of supporting the viewer.

Rainsong: Also, following the viewer’s preferences is part of supporting the viewer

Rainsong: Example: Sometimes, for various reasons, the viewer likes a semi-front-loaded target prompt. Even as far as things like “Describe the event”

Rainsong: Others hate that and never want anything except the target ID. Just the alphanumeric ID and nothing else.

Rainsong: IF they prefer that, only give them that, no matter what the tasker has assigned.

Wayfarer: Some have format preferences for target IDs.

Rainsong: Yes, I almost forgot that bit. Thanks.

Rainsong: As an example, conveniently both Wayfarer and I favour xxxx-xxxx as the format.

Rainsong: Some people prefer there is no dash.

Rainsong: Some add two more xx-xx-xx-xx

Wayfarer: In particular I favor numbers only, though it doesn’t affect my performance if letters are assigned.

Rainsong: nods

Rainsong: And some people prefer a number of digits other than 8.

Rainsong: I know one person who has trouble “taking it seriously” with less than 12 digits

Rainsong: So, if the target ID only has 9, you’ll have to add some “dummy numbers” to it

Rainsong: As long as you do that deliberately, and intend them as dummy numbers, it’ll still work

Rainsong: (not ideal, but it gets the job done)

Rainsong: You may recall that in a demonstration session several weeks back, we tried “re-positioning” where Wayfarer was picking up the data from, relative to the target?

Rainsong: In RV, you’re not actually going to the target, so “re-position” isn’t quite the right word, but it’s still kinda-sorta treated that way…

Scelana: Ahh, that repositioning seemed to be useful if I remember right

Rainsong: It’s usually more so

Rainsong: And the monitor never calls for a break — AOL, overwhelm, or otherwise — however, it is sometimes useful to the viewer to ask if he/she wants a break or if it is time for a break.

Wayfarer: The repositioning usually gives a new perspective on the target that, ideally, prompts the signal line for more information.

Rainsong: This is done exactly how it sounds

Rainsong: “Is it time for a break?”

Rainsong: “Do you want a break?”

Rainsong: That sort of thing. The preferred phrasing is something viewers often have a surprisingly strong opinion on

Rainsong: How do you know what one to use?

Rainsong: Ask them.

Rainsong: I saw Sidana typing there…

Rainsong: Are there any questions or comments, so far?

Scelana: A new perspective definitely sounds very useful Breaks are important and I can understand the preference on how they like to be asked bout it as well.

Scelana: I forget what extended remote viewing is

Rainsong: We’ll be going into more detail on monitor things, as the series progresses

Rainsong: Wayfarer: is there anything you’d like to add at this point?

Wayfarer: ERV doesn’t matter much at this point, and it’s not a singular thing but rather any number of techniques that move outside the conventional CRV protocol and do other things instead.

Scelana: Ahh i see

Wayfarer: For example, I ERV by entering deep trance, which requires the monitor to be a rather skillful hypnotist to keep me from wandering off and to steer me around, but which somewhat removes the problem of analytical overlay altogether. Other people use Tarot cards, or other things like that.

Rainsong: Yea, not much analysis going on in the type of deep trance involved there…

Wayfarer: As far as things to add, probably the most important skill for any monitor is the ability to learn and remember the preferences of viewers. It’s not just about manners, it can profoundly change the dynamic of sessions.

Wayfarer: My ERV sessions also require a recording or for a stenographer in addition to a monitor, for example, because I don’t write things down on paper in such a trance. Different groups work different ways and almost every viewer has some form of ERV they will dabble into. It’s important to be clear what kind of session is being done beforehand – it’s the viewer’s responsibility to follow the protocol, and the monitor’s responsibility to help him or her do that.

Rainsong: nods

Rainsong: Soo, would you like to give it a try?

Rainsong: I can play tasker, and give you the target and the ID for it.

Rainsong: (We’ll cover tasking in more detail as we go along in the series, too)

Rainsong: Wayfarer has offered to play viewer

Rainsong: (Assuming nothing’s come up to change that…?)

Wayfarer: Nope, good to go here. I’ll need 5-10 minutes to prep, probably.

Scelana: I don’t think I’m ready for it today to be honest, and I’m feeling rather shy and not confident bout it all as well Not exactly done i think any work of any kind with many of the members here including both ya two hehe And I’ve been a lot more quiet in here these days cause various reasons I want to keep apologizing and such cause I feel bad somehow of what I’m saying and thinking I didn’t really do well in this lecture somehow

Rainsong: You did fine in this lecture.

Rainsong: And nobody’s ever required to do any of the exercises in any of the seminars here. That’s long established custom here, for a number of reasons

Wayfarer: Well, I’m not inclined to peer pressure someone into monitoring, but for what it’s worth it more or less takes care of itself. I think you’re up to it and I know I can be intimidating but on the other hand, the literally worst that can happen is a guy on the Internet doesn’t do a weird psychic thing right and scapegoats his own poor performance. Which isn’t that big a deal, thinking about it.

Wayfarer: The exception is @ceahhettan , he has to monitor if you don’t. 😛 But yeah there’s no pressure.

ceahhettan: What?

Wayfarer: Put another way, Scelana, what would you need to get to a place where you’re more comfortable? If the answer is just “time” then that’s fine. But if you’re feeling like you don’t know something adequately, for example, then how can we help that? Since that’s our job as teachers.

Wayfarer: Ceahhettan: if Scelana ain’t want to you’re another person who expressed an interest in learning to monitor a few weeks back so this would be a time to practice that.

ceahhettan: Ah, yes. I’d drifted reading an article in the other window until this pinged.

ceahhettan: Amusingly, I have notifications for discord turned 100% off.

Scelana: With how my memory has been lately I doubt I remember enough from the previous lectures to count I’ll admit that I’m the type that has some difficulty working with other’s i don’t know at 1st, cause of a combo of being shy, kinda wary at times, hypervigilance like stuffs, certain experiences I’ve had, and well I’m not sure what else

Scelana: There are some specific reasons why I’ve become less comfy here with certain things but they’re probably best said in private if I were to ever want to bring them up I’m ok with both you both Rainsong n Wayfarer though, just well not used to doing stuffs with either you yet. My experiences of my life kinda over the years have i guess shaped me more than I want to admit

ceahhettan: I’d be down for monitoring although unfortunately maybe slightly too slow for it from my phone?

Rainsong: Scelana: In that case, how about sometime we try a session in a PM? “Sometime” to be determined whenever you’re feeling up to it, and probably after discussing of the “less comfy” issue… again at your discretion. Does that sound fair?

Not Rachael: Hey everyone, I just joined

Rainsong: Hi, Emmmber

Rainsong: Welcome

Scelana: That could work, though maybe doing some other less intimidating stuffs with people 1st would help me become more comfy as well

Rainsong: That makes sense

Scelana: I’m even having to fight myself to say some the stuff I just recently said I don’t want to cause anymore issues anymore

Not Rachael: @Scelana I’d be willing to try with you, but I’d have to read up on it a bit

Wayfarer: Doesn’t require a lot of speed, @ceahhettan . But for wanting the record for teaching I’d be just as happy to do it via text. But there’s not a lot of speed required in monitoring. The viewer is technically in control of the session and while I suspect you would be competent to do the ERV stuff as well we’re just doing standard CRV.

ceahhettan: Fair. I mean text, here, same typing. I don’t have internet on my iPad tonight to have a keyboard.

Scelana: Part of me don’t even want to bring up the old stuffs that led to some how I am in here now even in dms

ceahhettan: I’m good with either way.

Scelana: Cause I feel that is a bad thing for me to do

Scelana: I probably should drop it for now, I’m technically talking in the wrong channel for it anyways

ceahhettan: Alright Cousin, let me know when you’re ready?

ceahhettan: (Rainsong, I may need a few prompts and reminders as to steps, although this does feel close enough to other sorts of monitoring really.)

Wayfarer: Sure, give me a few minutes then. And it works both ways, I had just been reading the Comey testimony lmao

Wayfarer: Back in a few, I’ll let you know.

Rainsong: (No problem)

Wayfarer: In the interim it may be useful to review the monitor’s role stage by stage?

Rainsong: Sure

ceahhettan: That would probably be good.

Rainsong: First, if you are working with a viewer for the first time, you’d ask about “Any known preferences”, in terms of format, phrasing, where you sit in relation to him/her in face-to-face sessions, and so on

ceahhettan: Makes sense.

Rainsong: He’s already mentioned his preference for target ID… and you’ll notice the target I gave you is entirely numeric

ceahhettan: Right. I’ve got that open in another window.

Rainsong: He doesn’t need to be reminded about the ideogram. Some people do.

Wayfarer: Okay. Just going to prep the runsheet then I’ll be standing by.

Rainsong: The correct/probably correct/can’t-score/”no response” thing is as soon after he provides the data as possible, but don’t rush. Better to be sure, than fast

Rainsong: We’ve only covered to stage 4 at this point. those are all descriptors. I don’t know if he plans to go further into the sketching and “more detail about parts of the sketch”

Rainsong: Some parts of monitoring are literally watching the body language of the viewer… That’s harder in textchat 🙂

Wayfarer: Our format is me uploading photos so immediate feedback isn’t possible. Generally I also find that immediate feedback inclines me to analyze so I don’t like to be interrupted while I have signal. If we were in person, I’d prefer several seconds of not moving the pen at least – usually I look up at the monitor to prompt feedback.

Rainsong: But it’s normal to ask an apparently-flustered viewer is to ask if he wants/needs an overwhelm break.

ceahhettan: Right. I have some amount of familiarity with my Cousin’s digital body language so to speak. :p

Rainsong: The sorts of things he just told us are the kinds of crucial information you’d ask for 😀

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

ceahhettan: Any other preferences?

Wayfarer: If we’re in person, I prefer the monitor across from me and back slightly so I have to look up to see them but not behind me. In erv I prefer them to my left. I prefer to be asked if I should take a break – asking if I want to take a break will almost always get a no answer. Asking if I need to take a break is 50/50. I don’t normally need prompted, I’m usually okay about identifying breaks. I don’t usually wait long enough, though. During breaks I prefer idle but engaged chatter and answering questions that distract me from the signal line.

ceahhettan: Noted.

Wayfarer: In person if they are across from me but can’t get 5-6 feet back then being off to the left is okay. I just don’t want to see them from where my head rests. Also dim room helps but I’ve taken care of that here.

Rainsong: Excellent briefing, Wayfarer.

Wayfarer: Anything else you’d like to know?

ceahhettan: I think that just about covered it. Which means this is when I give you the target.

Wayfarer: Ready.

ceahhettan: 1812-0801

Wayfarer: Lmao well now uh okay


Wayfarer: Too much break. Signal line is strong but I’m real fucking hazy on the AB elements

Wayfarer: Didn’t come clearly but it’s an active line

ceahhettan: nods.

Wayfarer: Proceed? Standing by for stage 2.

ceahhettan: Yep. (Would you like scoring on what’s already there, or not yet? And if so… I can’t read your handwriting.)

ceahhettan: A/B is correct.

Wayfarer: Not clear on session type. Sorry. a. Concrete/manmade B. Structure Generally I don’t proceed to stage 2 without hits on the IAB

Wayfarer: Okay. Proceeding.

Rainsong: (I could read the handwriting)


Wayfarer: Aol bk Greenbriar / nuclear bunker in wooded area / Structure in a mountain

Wayfarer: It’s vast. Signal is pushing way too much.

ceahhettan: Should you take a brief break?

Wayfarer: Am on break.

Wayfarer: 🙂

ceahhettan: K. 🙂

Wayfarer: Lmao

ceahhettan: (Can you type the words when you get a minute?. I seriously can’t read your handwriting.)

ceahhettan: (Dyslexia fml.)

Wayfarer: So yes. If you need those typed I can do. There’s more 2 data downline

Wayfarer: Okay

Wayfarer: Lmao

Wayfarer: Green Height Dark Massive Remote Angular Stone Dry Cool Aol bk 2043 Greenbriar / nuclear bunker in wooded area

Wayfarer: Keep me talking while I’m on break or feedback or my brain either falls into the signal or I distract and lose it

Wayfarer: Lmao

ceahhettan: Sorry I was checking something with Rainsong

ceahhettan: And making sure I didn’t lay on the lid of my electric pot.

Wayfarer: All good

Wayfarer: Should put the pot lid under your pillow

Rainsong: You seemed to be amused by my Target ID… It’s my normal kind, based on the day the target is attached to the ID (today, in this case): YYMM-DD##

Rainsong: where ## is the number of the ID/session in that date

Rainsong: First one’s 01, second one’s 02, and so on

Rainsong: It’s entirely to keep from accidentally assigning the same ID to two separate targets

Wayfarer: Oh no I was laughing because I do that when I’m nervous about things and because I don’t know the last time I got a too much in stage 1

Wayfarer: Nervous because it was weird to get a signal that hard

Wayfarer: Not inclemency nervous just “oh wow what”

ceahhettan: Later I have some tangential questions about the nature of the signal in rv and such.

Wayfarer: Sure

Wayfarer: You can ask that now but I might be ready to return to target after feedback

ceahhettan: And the whole intent and target id things, just kind of wondering what makes some like this one was vs weaker signal etc?

Wayfarer: Those are things that are good to ask during breaks because they keep me on task but not engaged with the line

Wayfarer: No idea, it’s nothing to do with the target but maybe to do with the site or maybe other factors

Wayfarer: Er with the coordinates

Wayfarer: Phone posting while in session btw

ceahhettan: Nod.

Wayfarer: I’m ready to resume

ceahhettan: Feedback: c ((–can’t score–)) c c ((–can’t score–)) c inconclusive c ((–can’t score–)) c can’t score c

ceahhettan: Line by line, go ahead and resume when ready.

Rainsong: I’m going to pop in here…

ceahhettan: Sure.

Rainsong: Because the point of this is learning… Descriptors often refer only to a small part of the target. Not necessarily the whole thing.

Rainsong: Not sure what your colour vision is like – some people will obviously have trouble judging whether a colour is there.

Rainsong: Green is there, so it’s correct.

ceahhettan: (…my colour vision is a little whack. always has been.)

ceahhettan: (I swear that looked blue in the picture.)

Rainsong: (…and that’s not a problem… practice target, remember 😀 )

Rainsong: (Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to “monitor” the monitoring session)

ceahhettan: (Hee.)

Rainsong: Height is correct

Rainsong: Dark is correct

ceahhettan: Okay.

Rainsong: Calling “dry” as “can’t score” is entirely fair

Rainsong: Froody?

ceahhettan: Yup.

ceahhettan: Angular should probably actually be correct, looking again.

Rainsong: Yes

Rainsong: Because of our little detour, probably wise to check whether he’s still “ready to resume”

ceahhettan: I struck through and parenthesesed my mis-calls, there.

ceahhettan: Cousin, still ready?


Wayfarer: I resumed regardless, hi

ceahhettan: Or he already resumed while we detoured.

Wayfarer: Aol bk 2102

Wayfarer: Yes, but looking at it good detour because I was having consistency issues from the line and I just decided to push on

Wayfarer: AOL bk is aircraft carrier or cruise ship

Wayfarer: Spherical should be cylindrical

ceahhettan: Gonna take pity on the dyslexic or do I have to decipher all the rest?

Wayfarer: As before: Metallic Spherical/cylindrical Smooth Motion Red Dust/dirt Fine/grainy texture People present Water Aol bk 2102 aircraft carrier/cruise ship

Wayfarer: The analysis line there is tracking of a distinct impression of a vehicle and a distinct impression of size I think, so what other question?

ceahhettan: one second checking something with Rainsong.

Wayfarer: I was getting stage 3 details in there but I’m also still getting stage 2 data. It’s a bit distracting and it’s causing a lot of aol problems.

Rainsong: Walking through this is educational for me, too

Rainsong: Things you don’t think about become highlighted

Wayfarer: A lot of programs teach viewers but not as much attention is paid to monitoring

Rainsong: It’s true

ceahhettan: c / c / c / can’t score / c / can’t score / c / c / c / can’t score

ceahhettan: hold on a second. editing.

ceahhettan: Two got switched a moment there.

Wayfarer: Okay

Wayfarer: I’m confused but I should be so that’s okay that’s why we do this lmao

ceahhettan: Edited. My dyslexia probably doesn’t help keeping things straight occasionally, lol welp. Ready to proceed?

Wayfarer: I’m going to proceed to 3 after the break and note elements from 2 on an offset. No, not ready.

Rainsong: Textchat is probably the hardest way to do this, even without dyslexia, so olease don’t feel too discouraged…

Wayfarer: Yeah

Wayfarer: If we want to get crazy with it we can do erv sometime on voice. Technically you should be present but who cares / fuck it yolo etc

Wayfarer: But that’s not tonight so neither here nor there

ceahhettan: I mean they keep sending me around all 48 eventually I’ll get up there.

ceahhettan: Someday.

Wayfarer: Lol

Wayfarer: You were near once but then I was away

ceahhettan: Yeah. And then the other time they took that trip and gave me something in an entirely different direction.

ceahhettan: Although I am currently on the east coast. just not the same part of it.

Wayfarer: It’s a big coast

Wayfarer: Okay I’m resuming and proceeding into stage 3

Rainsong: Something like the length of the Japanese Archipelago

ceahhettan: alright.


Wayfarer: Still more 2 information and 3 not great spontaneous sketch I broke down into some components not super confident its flatter and more sprawling than rising and if we were in session you’d have stopped me from chasing the line on a break

Wayfarer: Lmao

Wayfarer: Pen down sitting on my hands

Wayfarer: But only metaphorically or I couldn’t use the phone

Wayfarer: Obviously

Rainsong: Typing of handwritten bits?

Wayfarer: Oh right

ceahhettan: I mean, it might help.

ceahhettan: otherwise I’ll sit here staring at the picture, so far I’ve managed to read the second line.

ceahhettan: But not the first.

Wayfarer: Dynamic Left Right rising motion Bustling Tiered AOL//shopping mall Clockwise //AOL bk 2130 Cathedral/church

Wayfarer: Then some mental grumbling about rainsong assigning churches didn’t make the page lol

Wayfarer: There are 4 elements noted but I think there are several more outside this area like this might just be a site component in itself

ceahhettan: Please enjoy this hold music while your party is reached aka while I ask Rainsong somethings.

Wayfarer: I’ve been getting TM’d the whole time to be honest

ceahhettan: (TM? whole words please.)

Wayfarer: I’m imagining your hold music as Spanish Flea

Wayfarer: Too much

ceahhettan: At the moment, it’s Deck the Halls, as my partner is kinda half singing it.

Wayfarer: Sorry there’s an embargo on Christmas festivities there is a large tree at site though I’m p sure

Wayfarer: Lmao y’all awful at keeping me off the line

ceahhettan: I can only have one window open at once sadly.

Rainsong: That’s a higher-level skill than responding to the data…

ceahhettan: Phone.

ceahhettan: Etc.

ceahhettan: Also, now I’m humming Little Drummer Boy.

ceahhettan: As I type this feedback 🙂

Wayfarer: Lmao right? Anyhow I failed to note it because it was part of the shopping mall aol but it’s right near B

Wayfarer: Also like an escalator I probably should’ve sketched but also mall aol

Wayfarer: Well it actually triggered the mall all

Wayfarer: Fuck is this an airport lmao

Wayfarer: Sorry I really am not doing well at this break this line is really strong

ceahhettan: hold on half a second let me type!

ceahhettan: I’m slow I’m sorry :p

Wayfarer: It’s an airport. Is this Denver International?

Wayfarer: Lmao

Wayfarer: Okay I’m documenting

ceahhettan: starting at the very top of that set of words

ceahhettan: c / c / c / c

Rainsong: I’ve been humming Feliz Navidad, because of a pun on an office door at work… Pic of a sheep in a Santa hat: Fleece Navidad

ceahhettan: Hold on half a second still typing.

Wayfarer: I am considering terminating session due to failing to maintain but since we’re not training me I’m going to push if you ask but I am having a real hard time with this very loud signal it’s way too much just there’s a lot of noise

ceahhettan: nods. I was about to aka whether you should call it. also, site. (cathedral, not airport.)

Wayfarer: Lmao and that’s how aol drive works. Nice.

ceahhettan: the grumbling about churches meant I had to catch my breath from laughing before I could type though.

Wayfarer: Oh gotcha

Wayfarer: Million dollar question is how the spontaneous sketch relates

Wayfarer: She likes these weird asymmetrical ones

Wayfarer: It’s entirely too loud and this is my least favorite cathedral

Wayfarer: Have I run this site before?

Rainsong: Not with me, put it that way…

Rainsong: You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

Wayfarer: Uh I’m ending session btw

ceahhettan: Alright, yeah.

Wayfarer: I can actually go deeper if you want with site

ceahhettan: (Sorry I had an entire line asked if you were going to end or continue and forgot to hit enter.)

Rainsong: Sorry about the loudness… was going for something landmark-ish for a first-monitoring session

Wayfarer: If you want to do 4 and 5 knowing I have site can be a big deal

ceahhettan: I’ve unfortunately got to get to bed.

Wayfarer: Like I can probably resolve the site aspects

Wayfarer: Okay

ceahhettan: So we should likely call it, and get further on another session.

Wayfarer: Well we’re training anyhow so let’s just see it.

ceahhettan: Rainsong, could you?

Rainsong: Sure

ceahhettan: Given you’ve got it and are at a computer.

Wayfarer: Lmao I hope it’s the Kremlin or national cathedral

Rainsong: the target is “The front of the Blagoveshchensky Sobor at the time of the first photo on this page:

Rainsong: It’s in the Kremlin, yes

Wayfarer: Lmao yeah

Wayfarer: I could’ve resolved that actually

Wayfarer: That explains a lot

Rainsong: Well done, both of you

Wayfarer: Yeah that explains the compound elements we could’ve unpacked from D

Wayfarer: And the tree shakes

Wayfarer: Shapes

Rainsong: indeed,

Wayfarer: Welp another strong hit I really need to desite tho

Wayfarer: Also explains the pressure

Rainsong: It’s a tourist part of the Kremlin, so not a dangerous target, but lots of people around, and near some protected areas

ceahhettan: It is kind of Loud, even I was picking up on that as I was looking at the picture when Rainsong gave me the target.

ceahhettan: Okay, be right back. Going to go brave the pouring fecking rain (South Carolina).

Rainsong: good luck

Rainsong: Wayfarer: So you’d like fewer Cathedrals, eh?

Rainsong: Second target of the day was going to be an emu

Wayfarer: lmao that ain’t my call

Wayfarer: I’ll view every cathedral in this land if you want

Wayfarer: I can get cathedrals

Wayfarer: I could’ve resolved this one we should go to IV/V next time

Rainsong: Certainly

Wayfarer: not tonight I’m an old man and the site has been just absolutely racking my body this whole time lmao

ceahhettan: Possibly on a day I don’t have work at 0430 the next day.

Rainsong: One of my instructors insists on a pause of at least half an hour between sessions, too

ceahhettan: I’m not 20 anymore and somehow need more than a scant few hours of sleep per night.

Rainsong: I hope you sleep well, tonight. Good job on your first RV monitoring 🙂

Rainsong: Remember to ground, by the way

Wayfarer: lmao realktalk about how deconstructing these things helps viewers and monitors both: “aircraft carrier” was coming off the military presence which makes sense given the target

Rainsong: yep

Wayfarer: so like stage 4 takes all those elements we noted and I organize them relationally then start unpacking them individually

Wayfarer: I’m pretty confident we would’ve gotten there

Wayfarer: the christmas tree near B is one of them big ol’ spires

Wayfarer: etc

Wayfarer: the onion bit

Wayfarer: I can’t break site lmao

Rainsong: I agree, although with how busy the Kremlin is, it probably would be smart to separate the session into “sub-sessions”, for that kind of detail

Wayfarer: I haven’t clicked the link to see the picture yet either

Wayfarer: yeah it was/is a very busy site

Rainsong: Architecture in the Kremlin’s pretty incredible, though

Wayfarer: “the front of” was also highlighted there that was the A element

Rainsong: Yep 🙂

Wayfarer: I was actually pretty pleased because the door struck me

Wayfarer: so that’s very target

Wayfarer: okay

Rainsong: Happy camper?

Wayfarer: Good session, I didn’t need the validation this time though I’m still feeling good after the last one but lmao yeah that counts as a hit

ceahhettan: Thank you both!

Rainsong: 🙂

Rainsong: Actually doing it puts together some of the pieces, eh?

ceahhettan: Yeah.

Wayfarer: @ceahhettan before I forget you had questions about signal lines and things and if you want to ask those tomorrow they can be appended here as extended lecture content

ceahhettan: Yeah. I have some questions but I’d like to be fully at least 90% awake when I ask them, so tomorrow it is.

ceahhettan: Likely in the afternoon after I’ve delivered in FL.

Wayfarer: Okay cool

ceahhettan: I’m getting a new truck that is currently in Lakeland FL terminal.

Rainsong: Congrats? …Maybe?

ceahhettan: It’s a good thing, even if I do have to go to Florida.

Rainsong: Whoo

Scelana: ooo nice session there, i was away cooking some food to eat Thxies for the lecture Rainsong and Wayfarer Sorry I wasn’t able to get myself to participate better

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, Scelana.

Rainsong: You did fine. It’s always okay to sit out exercises, whether it’s “just for now” or “never going to try that one”…

Rainsong: If had just been “not ready because I think I missed part of how to do it,” then Wayfarer and I would want to solve that problem, whether or not you wanted to actually go ahead with the exercise.

Wayfarer: @ceahhettan you can ping me whenever.

ceahhettan: Will do– currently trying to sort dinner and will ping you after or so.

ceahhettan: Anyway. @Wayfarer, I was mostly looking through some stuff about coordinates and such for remote viewing following intent, and having some weird rambling thoughts about telepathic overlay and wondering what determines the relative signal strength of something.

ceahhettan: The entire thing was possibly more coherent yesterday, but I didn’t even write it down in a message to myself, so we’ll never know.

Wayfarer: Coordinates are arbitrary entirely, so they don’t relate into at all except inasmuch as viewers will struggle with targets not in their preferred format. We don’t control for TOL so it’s a possible problem, but functionally it’s controlled for by double blinds and it’s controlled for when monitors are blind to targets and viewers are blind to taskers.

Rainsong: In a practice session like last night, we have to assume there would be some TOL, all things considered

ceahhettan: Yeah.

Wayfarer: Signal strength varies, the “signal” is kind of… you have to treat it almost like it’s a thinking thing. It’s not like you’re picking up information from the site. The signal comes down the line and site information is transmitted to you by the “matrix” or whatever you all it. The entirety of the protocol is about attenuating that data, controlling the aperture and the information as it comes in.

Wayfarer: When one gets a “too much” situation like last night the problem becomes getting information on the paper. It’s too much to write down and so it’s about picking and choosing what matters or what comes through strongest.

Rainsong: I think there is sometimes an “increase” in signal in targets that are well-known, heavily populated, of intense interest or otherwise have a lot of conscious attention on them.

Rainsong: And the Kremlin’s pretty much “all of the above”

ceahhettan: nods.

ceahhettan: Okay, that does clarify a lot of it. (Or at least as much as without doing the viewing part myself at some point.)

Rainsong: Mwwahahahaha. I have the perfect target for next time. 😛

ceahhettan: Oh dear. XD

Wayfarer: lol

Wayfarer: Yeah. So one of the hypothesized concepts on how this all works is essentially that information that is known about something or can be known about something is organized into this matrix of information and you prompt the matrix to transmit site data down the signal line. Places like the Kremlin have a lot known about them, a lot of cultural cachet, so they are very viewable.

ceahhettan: Enemy military bases less so. Right.

Chirotractor: googling shit on the internet

Wayfarer: Yeah it’s actually not unlike that, really. You get a billion results for some things and one guy’s shitty post on Tumblr for another.

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