“So you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it.”

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 9, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic:so you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it (Chiro’s idea) – Saturday, 9 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE65

Rainsong: Sooo… any requests?

Chirotractor: ummm

Rainsong: It’s looking unlikely, eh?

Chirotractor: I got nothing thered be much utility in going over

Chirotractor: umm

Chirotractor: maybe something like ‘so you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it’

Rainsong: Hahaha. That could make for a fun discussion. Let’s run with it

Rainsong: Ya know, there are quite a few ways to be an asshole with or regarding telepathy…

Chirotractor: I know a few of them πŸ˜›

Rainsong: πŸ™‚

Rainsong: For example, attending a performance of a “mentalist” and messing up his/her results by thinking things at him/her loudly “Rutabaga!”

Rainsong: Or doing the same with political speeches, class presentations, livestreams… the possibilities beggar the imagination

Rainsong: Of course, the idea here is how not to be an asshole, so… ehem… yea, don’t do that πŸ˜›

Chirotractor: also. don’t steal peoples ideas before they’ve said them

Chirotractor: very rude

Rainsong: It’s also considered polite to let the call finish connecting before answering the phone, I’m told. Less of a problem with modern “smart phones” than with the old rotary dial landlines

Chirotractor: that’s not really being an asshole

Chirotractor: you’re just inconveniencing yourself with that one

Rainsong: Fair enough.

Rainsong: Noobs who’ve learned to project relatively recently sometimes (less than 100% is still just “sometimes”, right?) project too loudly and “forget” to shield…

Rainsong: …but that’s usually more of a matter of inexperience than outright assholery

Chirotractor: Never done that before>->

Rainsong: A big one, I think, is claiming to be right about what everyone else is thinking or feeling, all the time

Rainsong: Doing the telepath equivalent of “pulling a Dames”

Chirotractor: Dames?

Rainsong: Major Ed Dames. He’d been involved in the Stargate and since returning to civilian life he has laid claim to having 100% accuracy in all his RV sessions

Rainsong: Like, for example, the one that predicted a world-wide famine, earlier this century

Chirotractor: Ahh

Wayfarer: I’ll be continuing next week but I am trying to keep a buffer between written content and lecture content. I like to write material then teach it in the lecture part a few weeks later without reference Then I compare the two to see if there’s anything new that came up that needs included.

Rainsong: (if memory serves, the famine was caused by a microbe falling from a passing comet that killed all the plants…. So, yea, about that 100% accuracy)

Wayfarer: But I’m flattered that someone asked about that. Y’all edging out my paid content, I see you.

Chirotractor: So he watched interstellar and got confused

Chirotractor: Because im pretty sure thats the plot of that movie

Capcom: What is the topic for tonight?

Rainsong: Maybe they based it on his predictions? The movie was from 2014, as far as I can find

Rainsong: Capcom: how to (not) be an asshole with telepathy

Capcom: Hahaha. :dolphin:

Rainsong: Wayfarer: That works. πŸ™‚ Your classes have been getting good reviews so far

Chirotractor: Mosrly it seems to be suggestions for fun things to try with a halfhearted disclaimer

Rainsong: Pretty much

Rainsong: Feel free to toss ideas in the ring. Tonight’s a rather informal discussion

Capcom: I’m excited about this.

Rainsong: Usually, the classes are rather more instructional and more formal, too.

Rainsong: Quietly “suggesting” less-than-advantageous moves to an opponent in a game can be assholish, unless doing so is openly and explicitly agreed-upon as house rules

Rainsong: “See that pawn right next to the rook? Yea, that one. Capture it with your queen. Do it. You know you want to…”

Capcom: Wow.

Rainsong: When done as an agreed-upon game, it’s good practice.

Chirotractor: acompanying ‘hey look over here!’ when you signal a turn or lane change while driving

Capcom: Lawliet vs Kira. Chess gambits.

Capcom: I guess…

Capcom: Verbal judo.

Rainsong: Yep, good point. Or “Get the ** off my bumper, idiot” if someone’s tailgating in a red Ford Pickup near the roundabout….

Capcom: But telekinetic.

Chirotractor: ‘it’s too damn icy for you to be driving like this’

Rainsong: I think we may be seeing a pattern here

Rainsong: For the chess, “telekinetic” would be moving the piece directly, rather than convincing your opponent to do so.

Rainsong: Of course, if you did that, proceeded to move one of your own pieces, and your opponent then moved his/her own piece, it becomes a legal move… regardless of where you moved the piece to

Rainsong: For assholish moves, though, practicing your projecting skills by casting an illusion of someone sitting on a seat in the bus or train – when that conveyance is crowded – such that the seat remains empty, definitely counts

Chirotractor: also projecting that a seat is empty when there’s someone sitting there

Rainsong: Save that for relatively uncrowded busses and trains

Rainsong: Mwahaha.. Yes, that’s fun… ehem, assholish, too

Chirotractor: you ever think you’ve missed your stop so you get off the bus four stops ahead?

Rainsong: I was concerned I would miss my stop because I wasn’t sure where the nearest one was to my destination, and got off the bus roughly a mile and a half early. You?

Rainsong: Nudging people to get off at the wrong stop would, of course, be wrong

Chirotractor: naturally

Rainsong: This is fun. Thanks for suggesting it, Chiro πŸ˜€

Rainsong: Incidentally, earlier today, a friend mentioned that the link to our chatroom seems to project a diffuse but noticeable “Go away” type of impression. Apparently, we’re not very inviting.

Rainsong: Did you notice anything of the sort, Capcom?

Chirotractor: I can… sorta see that

Rainsong: (It would, of course, also be wrong to attach such impressions to other people’s chatrooms, YouTube channels, and so on)

Rainsong: Conversely, someone who wants subscribers or lots of new people in their chatroom or whatever could attach a “yo! Over here, come on in” impression. I wonder if the various platforms’s rules would frown on that

Rainsong: I read that Edgar Cayce did something like that once, influencing a certain person to go to an establishment that sold recreational vehicles and to buy one, on behalf of a friend of his who sold recreational vehicles.

Rainsong: It is reported to have worked too well. The purchaser felt so compelled to buy a vehicle right then, they went to the guy’s competitor as soon as the store opened, and bought a vehicle there.

Rainsong: Cayce was reportedly alarmed by how strongly he’d affected the customer and swore he’d never do the like again

Rainsong: As for the chess bit mentioned earlier, there are any number of games parks online. Here’s one of them. https://www.chess.com/l/2-player-online-chess

Capcom: Uh. Are you going to use that sort of projection on the chess board?

Capcom: Like cyberkinesis and projection.

Rainsong: More often, for chess, you project directly to the other person, instead of onto the board. But, you can attach projections to a virtual board if you want to. Or to a real one, of course

Capcom: I like this.

Rainsong: Depending on what parts you’re most interested in, you might find some of the logs of past seminars to be interesting. http://psc-online.org/class-logs/

Rainsong: Any questions or comments?

Capcom: Thank you.

Rainsong: Have a lovely evening/morning/what-have-you, everybody

Nickodemo: You too RS

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