Telepathy Q & A

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 23, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: telepathy – Saturday, 23 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: tbd– Search LECTURE67

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: As usual, we will be discussing real-world psionics, so if that is likely to weird you out, you might want to find a tamer server.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is Telepathy, prompted by questions being floated in the social hall yesterday.

Rainsong: It may be useful to start it off as a question-and-answer format… and then we’ll see how it goes from there.

Rainsong: So, do we have any questions?

Eclipse: How not to sucker punch someone when sending to them. Been told my sending varies between that and loud shouting equivalent.

Rainsong: An excellent question. That’s a surprisingly frequent problem.

Rainsong: Which approach do you use for Sending?

Eclipse: I tend to focus on what I want to send and then beam it along a bridge of light into the other persons head.

Rainsong: How wide is the bridge?

Rainsong: And how much “pressure” are you exerting on the “beam”?

Eclipse: About an inch diameter. I send it so it feels to be completely together like brighter balls of light going down the bridge. Keep it clear in my mind then send it off so I see it instantly transmit.

Rainsong: Ah, okay. To make it less shouty, the first thing I’d suggest is to double the diameter, without increasing the amount of “Stuff” sent. In other words, lower the “water pressure”

Rainsong: Kind of like taking your thumb off the end of a water hose.

Eclipse: Alright. I’ll try that next chance I get.

ceahhettan: The other thing I’ve done is sometimes actually modulating my physical volume at the moment. It seems weird, but if you get your voice down to the lower audible volumes that aren’t a whisper, it can transfer to telepathy.

ceahhettan: (More that I’ve been guilty of telepathically yelling not so much because I intended to but because the physical environment I was in was noisy.)

Rainsong: Good point, Ceah

ceahhettan: Well especially with the truck, my physical environment is noisy pretty much all the time, and the first few weeks it ramped up my telepathic volume enough that several people were all “are you alright” at me.

ceahhettan: Because the volume at which I’d ended up pinging folks was a volume that had previously been mostly associated with crisis.

ceahhettan: It took a bit to tone that back down.

ceahhettan: Anyway.

Rainsong: That makes sense

Rainsong: Some people who have shouty issues got that way because at first they had trouble getting through at all, and started to mentally shout and whap people upside the field. And then they kept doing it. They were shouty because they were shouting

Rainsong: The way to fix that one is to stop shouting. 😉

Rainsong: Any further questions or commentary about shoutiness?

ceahhettan: Nah, not that I can think of.

Scelana: I don’t have any so far atm

ceahhettan: Actually. One sec.

ceahhettan: There is also as to whether frequency of practise with any individual and whatever resultant links changes the perception of volume though.

ceahhettan: It’s going to be louder if there’s some amount of link, for most people. With the link acting as a radio antenna etc.

ceahhettan: (Feel free to go from there, it just occurred to me as I was sorting through my daily uses for telepathy.)

Rainsong: While it doesn’t always happen that way — some people just find it gets clearer instead of louder — it’s a good thing to be aware of.

Rainsong: Thanks, Ceah

ceahhettan: ^_^

Rainsong: Anyone else have a telepathy-related question?

ceahhettan: If no one else has one I’m sure I can come up with a few.

Scelana: Is it normal/common to sometimes have some issues with I guess the best way to describe it is tuning into someone’s energy/frequency, especially if it is your 1st time working with that person or the energy/frequency involved? So like you can at 1st not hear as clearly/easily/etc? Would working to get more exposures to various frequencies and such help one get better at tuning in to even ones you are new to? Kinda been curious bout that one for a while

Rainsong: Yes, that’s a matter of practice, working with different people

ceahhettan: That’s a pretty good one there. At the very least, frequently working with another person definitely makes you more attuned to them and getting things more clearly. On the other hand there’s an important point to be wary of analytical overlay when too familiar, as well.

ceahhettan: Also, I’m amusingly reminded of that what was once one of my favourite telepathic tricks is pretty much nearly obsolete– picking up the phone and knowing who it is to say hello to, entirely wiped out by the existence of cell phones and caller ID.

Eclipse: Say hello right before they text you?

ceahhettan: Usually these days it’s text them while they’re picking up the phone to call.

ceahhettan: Or call while they’re thinking about should I call.

Scelana: ahh, analytic overlay definitely is something to be careful bout my cellphone only has names on caller id for potential scammer numbers, the rest only show up as the number unless it is already in my phone’s contact list

Scelana: but i have had it to where i get the strong urge to need to call or text someone that i am close to and then few mins later they call me cause they want to let me know what is going and and sometimes also have someone to talk to

Scelana: usually i already know from the urge that it is cause something negative be going on with them

Eclipse: Sucks when that happens the negative stuff I mean.

Rainsong: Yup

Scelana: indeed

Rainsong: More questions?

Eclipse: Nothing I can think of right now. I will say psi balls broadcasting a message is good to keep animals away. Raccoons used to be a real issue taking everything that wasn’t nailed down.

Chirotractor: Not sure if its me being loud or receptive but folks often contact me shortly after ive been thinking of them

Rainsong: Chiro: Can be really hard to tell the difference. But if it happens a lot with many different people, probably leans toward “receptive”

Rainsong: Eclipse: Yep. Also useful for negotiating with hornets

Eclipse: Funny enough hornets aren’t too big an issue. Neighbors had a huge issue with termites last year but mostly bugs aren’t a problem if you don’t bother the spiders. Always been more raccoon and occasional skunk that wrecks stuff.

Rainsong: Raccoons like to spend time on our deck… it’s nice and safe from larger predators in the area, and there is food provided for them. They like snacks

Rainsong: Further telepathy questions?

ceahhettan: None here.

Eclipse: I’m good

Scelana: So far I have no futher ones to ask

Rainsong: I guess we’ll call it a night, then.

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone 🙂

Scelana: thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Kate Embers: Ooof, why’d you start an hour early o.o nvm

Kate Embers: How would one cope with not always being able to distinguish between one’s own thoughts and what comes in telepathically?

Eclipse: I want to say practice and listening to how your thoughts feel when you turn off the telepathy.

Eclipse: Compare to thoughts when it is turned on

Rainsong: Kate: it’s a really frequent problem, actually.

ceahhettan: Well, that first assumes being able to turn the telepathy off.

Rainsong: It can help to take some time to listen to your own thoughts, just to observe what’s going on in there. And after doing this regularly for a while, you’ll have a better sense of what’s “normal” for you (still not all your own thoughts, but at least, the normal run of things) so you are more apt to notice when unusual bits show up.

ceahhettan: Although even if you have trouble turning off the telepathy, finding a suitably quiet area can help for getting used to your own thoughts.

Rainsong: If nothing else, heavy warding around your bed can help

Rainsong: If you hadn’t tried it before, be aware that a very heavy shield/ward that blocks out all incoming signals will feel muffled, and close, and possibly uncomfortable. Weird, at the very least. But because you’re the one setting the shield/ward up, you know you have the option of letting some signal through if you choose to, so no need to panic (which some people do if the ward is set up buy someone else)

Rose Cinderfall: oops

Rose Cinderfall: so much stuff going on

Rose Cinderfall: I had these questions about passively picking stuff up from crowds with telepathy

Rainsong: Do you still?

Rose Cinderfall: yes

Rainsong: and…?

Rose Cinderfall: So, when walking in crowds, and telepathically active, what I felt was the same feeling I got when telepathic overload was demonstrated to me.. Lack of focus, and a feeling of vagueness and me trying to process way too much stuff.. But when i chose to sort through that noise, that mass of unidentified thoughts, I’d get individual thoughts that made sense. Now.. a few questions about that.. 1) How do you guys deal with so many external thoughts coming at you? 2) How do you know the individual thoughts in the noise are actually their thoughts, and not your imagination? 3) Could it be that this has been happening all along for years, but i never recognised that it was overload caused by external thoughts, because for one, i thought i was only getting people’s emotions, and second, the feeling wasn’t familiar to me and just felt like generalized overload? 4) I thought it’d be interesting to share our experiences with passively picking stuff up on the streets

Rose Cinderfall: oh, wait, the lecture is over? aw, shucks..

Rainsong: 1) Heavy shielding, dampers, and moving out of the city (there’s a point on the highway where we all notice that the noise drops off)

Rainsong: 2) You don’t always know.

Rainsong: 3) Almost certainly

Rose Cinderfall: thanks 🙂

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