Projecting Energy & Constructs

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: March 30, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Projecting Energy / Constructs – Saturday, 30 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer– Search LECTURE68

Wayfarer: @here I randomly walked in here and noticed what time it is! Hello Internet. LECTURE68 starts here.

Goatmistress: Hi

Chirotractor: Hello!

Eclipse: hello

Wayfarer: I had equal votes for continuing the program thing and a derail about radionics. The other topic will be done in…one? Two weeks? Next time I’m teaching. Of people who are here, strong preferences?

Wayfarer: This is gonna be a to the point thing, my family is here and also, Sekiro is a stupidly fun and challenging game, and I miiiight be playing that a bit.

Chirotractor: I’m just here because I like words

Wayfarer: Boy have you come to the right place! I mostly use words!

Goatmistress: haha

Wayfarer: Right, so, last time I taught a lecture thing, I was talking about moving and sensing energy inside the body, grounding, centering, and some other energy-manipulation focused things within one’s own energetic body.

Wayfarer: The next step is pushing the energy outside the body. And the first bit is going to be the … psiball. Wow! Amazing.

Chirotractor: gasp

Wayfarer: Now, the psiball is something we’ve done about a billion times. A lot of people struggle with it early on. I think that most of these problems come from poorly formed ideas about what exactly we’re doing, or a lack of connection between visualization and actual direction of energy.

Wayfarer: We’ve already discussed visualization, improving visualization, and improving that connection. So, what are we doing when we make a psiball? Well, we’re moving energy, just as we did before inside the body. We can start by drawing energy from wherever – the root or sacral chakras are good places to start. Later, we can draw energy from other sources or form a construct without drawing energy at all. But for now, we should do it this way.

Wayfarer: By doing it this way first we build reinforce good mental habits and a good mental model. The mental model largely dictates how energy will behave for us. So, drawing energy from the source, we move it to the hands. We’ve already done this before, so no problem.

Wayfarer: Next, place the hands in front of you however comfortable, about 3-4 inches apart from one another. Here, the energetic body will be intersecting itself but only slightly. There’s a reason for this!

Wayfarer: You see, when we move energy inside our body, we’re moving it inside our etheric field. There is no difficulty moving energy from the physical body to the etheric field because there’s no distinction here. Energy is not blocked or interrupted by physical “stuff” except inasmuch as that physical “stuff” also has energy.

Wayfarer: Moving the energy from our hands to the field around our hand is no problem. Likewise, moving it from the edges of our field to meet in between is not a problem. Visualize the energy coalescing into a ball. This may be the first time we’re visualizing a new shape. If we’ve already decided we like visualizations of energy moving like it’s a thing, then this is straightforward.

Wayfarer: If we instead have decided we prefer symbolic visualizations that communicate intent, we’re going to have to decide what it means for something to be a ball, and what represents that “ball shape” for us.

Wayfarer: Breathing in, draw energy from the energy center, and breathing out, push it into the ball between the hands. Repeat this process, allowing the hands o drift apart from each other naturally. Then, bring the hands back together to add density.

Wayfarer: For many people this is a trivial exercise and people do this then move on. People have a kind of sneering disdain for the basics. But this is actually a great exercise – you can and should practice this daily, because you’re practicing getting energy to respond to your mental direction.

Wayfarer: Getting energy to respond to your mental direction is key. It doesn’t matter how elaborate your visualization or how “advanced” your construct’s programming is, if you can’t reliably make energy go where you want it and do what you want it to do. You’re wasting your time.

Wayfarer: The humble psiball is like playing a note on a flute. You can have the most beautiful song, but if you can’t form an embouchure and properly address the mouthpiece, it means nothing at all. In many cases, more advanced practice is about having good fundamentals, and that’s what we’re doing here.

Wayfarer: The psiball need not be a ball, it can be other shapes as well, and these are things we can practice giving it after we’ve gotten good about moving it around.

Wayfarer: How do we know if we’ve succeeded?

Wayfarer: Well, earlier we worked on psychometry. So that’s one step. Can you perceive a ball there? If you can’t perceive a ball there, then there’s no point to asking other people for it. Before you start making constructs, you should have the skill to discern constructs in space around you. We haven’t done anything remote, so there’s no reason you should be able to scan at a distance if you’re only just following this course. But you should be able to feel what you’re doing.

Wayfarer: What that feels like is different from person to person, as we discussed previously. Some people feel magnetism. Some people feel heat or cool. Some people feel tingling or numbing. It varies from person to person however we perceive energy. We know because we’ve already practiced it.

Wayfarer: If there are other people around you working on the course, they should also be able to perceive it. There is a temptation to ask people to check. It’s very popular today to want third party verification of success. Third party verification can be nice, but it isn’t something we should rely on. It’s good to avoid self-delusion, but if the effect is something you’re not sure is real or not, after already practicing psychometry, then you might want to work on that a bit more.

Wayfarer: The second important construct “bit” will be the tendril. The tendril isn’t really a construct, it’s a manipulation of our field. When we move our finger or our hand, our etheric body moves around it. The tendril is an extension of the etheric field. The etheric field naturally corresponds to the physical body, but it can be shaped and molded like other energy. A “tendril” occurs when we shape or mold it into a tentacle to touch to other things.

Wayfarer: We may have already done this for psychometry, reaching with the etheric field. For all intents and purposes, we want to be treating the etheric body in this case like a construct in itself. Its shape is being directed mentally. Normally, we move the astral or emotional-astral for sensing things, and the etheric field for influencing things.

Wayfarer: This is because the astral is more subtle and is easier impacted by other fields. When we “sense” in this way, what we’re sensing is the impact the other field has on our own astral body. The etheric body, on the other hand, is less subtle. It’s denser, and tends to imprint onto other things. This is better for shaping things how we want.

Wayfarer: Reaching with a tendril allows us a conduit through which we can move a construct and make them remotely. When we want to leave the construct, we can remove the tendril, leaving the construct in place. We can also do this with our physical hands, making the energy ball then taking our hands away.

Wayfarer: Many people, when they first make a psiball, tend to “shoot” it. I “shot” my cat the first time I made one. The cat jumped, and I was very excited. The reason this happens is because we’ve constructed a ball of energy and shaped it with our consciousness. When our mind shifts attention, the construct tends to follow it.

Wayfarer: So, we’re focusing on a point in space between our hands, and the ball is forming there because that’s where our mind is focused. As soon as we “let it go” and shift attention, the ball “jumps” and follows. This is happens to a lot of people. In order to keep the construct where we want it, we have to include that location information in our intent.

Wayfarer: When we don’t, the construct will “jump” with our attention, or else it will dissipate very rapidly.

Wayfarer: This is yet another reason to practice the humble psi-ball. It’s no problem when our psiball jumps around, and we can practice with this – especially if we have another partner locally. But it is a problem if we send our weird advanced ambitious construct to someone else because we didn’t learn to anchor constructs and didn’t learn proper mental discipline.

Wayfarer: We can also move energy balls around by “throwing” them, but this is really a substitute for directing it with our consciousness. The human mind is incredibly good at making motion calculations and tracing trajectories that take a lot of resources to compute. “Throwing” and “catching” are both miracles of consciousness. When we “throw” a psiball, however, we’re directing it via consciousness.

Wayfarer: When we throw a ball, there’s physical forces in play. Energy doesn’t follow those physical rules, and we don’t “throw” constructs in that way.

Wayfarer: But doing the physical motion helps. Why? It invokes the part of our mind that calculates trajectories of motion. Because we are treating the ball like it’s physical, our consciousness is able to impart those properties.

Wayfarer: A lot of people have been confused by this in the past, but it’s not as if the ball behaves like a solid on its own. Its the mental interaction with it as a solid invoking those spatial calculations and imparting them that gives it those qualities.

Wayfarer: The course I’m developing at this point gets very practice oriented for a while, with people doing these exercises and discussing them. Afterwards it goes into shields and fields. I won’t go into that and programming tonight in the interest of time. We’re at 35 minutes and I’d rather not start then stop. Beyond that, I’m drained from my family having stopped in. So, does anyone have questions?

ceahhettan: None here.

Scelana: I have none either

Wayfarer: @Chirotractor if you’d like to add some words here it’s good, otherwise I put a bunch up there for you.

Wayfarer: I’ll be around this evening if questions come up, but please ping me in case I’m attending to something else.

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