Radionics Q & A

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: April 6, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Radionics- Saturday, 6 April 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong– Search LECTURE69

Rainsong: Hiho. Anyone around?

Chirotractor: o/

Rainsong: Hi, Chiro

Rainsong: Looks like you might be the only one here tonight. Do you have any questions or commentary about radionics? Or would you prefer a different topic?

Chirotractor: I’m honestly only barely here.

Eclipse: Im here sorry.

Rainsong: Not a problem, Chiro.

Eclipse: Got caught up in something.

Chirotractor: just figured someone would show up late XP

Rainsong: How about you, Elipse? Any questions or commentary? Or prefer a different topic?

Flux: I’m also around. Just got here.

Eclipse: Got anything on nontraditional radionics? Without the machines but kind of same principle of distracting the mind. The way I had explained the machines just sort of distract you consciously while your subconscious goes through with the intent?

Rainsong: Hi, Flux.

Eclipse: Friend said it is similar to meditating on older patterns to bring different things into your life.

Flux: Hello. 🙂

Eclipse: Hi

Flux: Hmm, that’s not how I see it, but … I think there are a lot of variant ideas.

Flux: I like radionics, but if someone wants another topic, I will not get in the way.

Rainsong: Eclipse: Distracting your conscious mind can be done by giving it something to do that it’s good at. Counting, for example. It’s probably why the counting-the-breaths kinda-sorta meditation exercise is helpful for noobs

Rainsong: I’m not sure that radionics boxes, pendulums, and the like are meant as a distraction as such

Rainsong: (Also useful for not-noobs. I still use it, forty years on…)

Eclipse: How do they work then? I find it odd there would be some inherent power in a radionics box. Maybe the ones with symbols and patterns but I’m still unsure on the shape form energy some things like yantras are said to use. I think it would be more coming yourself with the box or symbol as a medium.

Flux: Big question… How does any of this stuff work? 😉

Rainsong: “Odd”? “Odd” doesn’t begin to cover it

Rainsong: For example, I can take a Kelly-style machine, dial in the rate from a book, turn it on, and ignore it… and it works.

Rainsong: (Not for everything, granted. Some things I can do. Some things I cannot do. Not much rhyme or reason to those, either.)

Rainsong: The more Uncle-Chuckie type machines involve more effort on my part, but work every bit as well.

Rainsong: Why? That’s something I can’t answer

Rainsong: I don’t know what yantras are, so can’t comment there, either

Flux: I’m only familiar with yantras in the context of an rpg. :grimacing:

Eclipse: They are similar to mandalas or just another name for a type of them. Not sure yet how fully accurate this is. I just started looking into them in recommendation. I like this site has quite a few clear pictures though.

Eclipse: So can’t vouch for how accurate the information might be, still doing research.

Flux: :thumbsup:

Rainsong: Cool. Thanks for the data.

Eclipse: Your welcome.

Flux: So what’s on the agenda today?

Rainsong: The planned seminar was an introduction to radionics. You already know how to make and use a radionics box, Chiro’s only half here, and Eclipse is interested in other areas.

Rainsong: So, we’re going question-and-answer tonight.

Eclipse: I thought they might have been related.

Rainsong: I think they probably are.

Rainsong: I just don’t know enough about yantra-related stuff to speak to it.

Flux: Works for me.

Flux: What do you think about the whole the box forms a relationship between the witness and the operator?

Chirotractor: never found much place to get more info on radionics

Chirotractor: is not a popular subject.

Rainsong: Flux: That’s a pretty good summation.

Rainsong: It’s not as though shoe-boxes are inherently magical on their own.

Rainsong: Chiro: It’s true. Not sure why, unless it’s the expense of the ready-made equipment. And it’s not as “romantic/sexy”?

Rainsong: OR because it’s often more obvious when it doesn’t work?

Rainsong: (I’m cynical…)

Flux: I think it’s an aesthetic issue. The people that are interested in having a physical tool aren’t looking for strange psychic machines with dials. And the people that strange psychic machines would appeal to don’t like using tools.

Rainsong: Some people do like to only do “magic” that has no objectively measurable or observable result, for ego reasons, too

Rainsong: Good point there

Eclipse: I don’t know much about the specifics of radionics just general stuff but just how broad or specific can you get it? How is Uncle Chuckie as a resource? Never seriously looked into him.. seems a bit small we say odd and I’m not sure if it is serious or some marketing ploy for attention. I can look up a lot of stuff on my own to not waste time.

Flux: There’s always that.

Flux: I like he’s a very good resource. I’m not down with his politics though.

Rainsong: How specific?

Rainsong: Spruce budworm is a problem in our softwood forests, here in Eastern Canada.

Chirotractor: honestly give me a silly tinfoil box with tron lines over weird geometry homework and vague gestures

Flux: And he’s not doing a marketing thing. He’s a bit silly, but he’s also very serious.

Rainsong: Quite a while back, in the province of New Brunswick, they decided to run an experiment on a tract of affected forest

Rainsong: To do so, they designated a checkerboard pattern, and only set the radionics machine to only affect half the “squares” of the checkerboard, to eliminate most or all of the other variables.

Rainsong: It worked. In the specified squares.

Rainsong: You need to rummage through legislative records to find it, though, because the owner of the extensive woodlot also is a major producer of silviculture pesticides, and they were rather displeased with the results

Chirotractor: time to hook it up to a checkers board and have the longest weirdest game of checkers

Scelana: I’m sorry that I’m late

Rainsong: Chuck knows his stuff, and he’s very, very good at what he does. As for his politics, well…. that’s another matter.

Flux: Because shoeboxes are cheap.

Eclipse: I am rather big into finding ways to be super ‘lucky’ and improving myself to do better.. but I wouldn’t be averse to anything to win specific contests or drawings..

Rainsong: Hi, Scelana.

Flux: The lucky stuff is present in a lot of magickal practices. (I’m including psionics under the umbrella of magick.)

Eclipse: It is big motivator for me practicing micro pk to make and choose my own luck beyond just coincidence.

Rainsong: For winning contests of that sort, I’d suggest a rate for “me winning the (name of) draw to be held at (place) at (time) of (date)”…. Need to be very specific. Otherwise, all sorts of weird and hilarious “near misses” are likely.

Flux: You hear about the wiccan dude that cast a spell and won the lottery twice?

Flux: Well two spells.

Flux: Ah, I never thought of using the box that way.

Eclipse: If it can be applied in that direction that sounds great especially towards specific things I want to succeed. @Flux no I haven’t. Sounds interesting though.

Eclipse: Sorry tad slow typing

Flux: I think his name is Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett. I might have gotten some deets wrong.

Flux: Rain, do you like Chuck’s etheric body theories related to radionics?

Rainsong: Eclipse: just be sure to be specific. Too many people have gotten the right lottery numbers for the right night, but the wrong jurisdiction.

Eclipse: Alright thanks. Think I could use a printed out map of a jurisdiction to limit the numbers to only be for that area?

Rainsong: Or, to use another example. Pendling in this case. For shiggles, my boss and I dowsed for the number of ducks we would “get” the following day, while duck banding for the feds.

Rainsong: The number she wanted was the number of ducks we would band that day. What she got was the number of ducks we caught that day, instead. Many of them already had bands

Eclipse: That is interesting. I don’t plan on taking too big of risks so a few learning experiences won’t be too inconvenient and might be fun. I like the adventure of it sometimes while experimenting.

Rainsong: That’s one way to do it, yes. Another is to indicate in the description of what you’re getting the rate for. For example: “me winning the (name of lottery draw) drawn at KLAM radio station in Sudbury, New Mexico on May 14, 2019”

Rainsong: Yep, and that can be fun. The price of a lottery ticket is usually pretty trivial, so as long as you’re not going overboard, and as long as you don’t have a gambling problem, it’s good clean fun and a good objective way to weigh your results.

Rainsong: One of my RV instructors suggests that all his students learn to play Baccarat for the same reason

Scelana: I’ve never heard of baccarat before hehe

Flux: Me neither, but I’m hoping to move to Vegas soon, so…

Rainsong: It’s a specific casino game for which you can do the RV in advance.

Eclipse: I just set aside x amount of my income as spend on trivial stuff money and don’t touch the rest after expenses. Idea of using remote viewing along side it is also interesting. Still need to work more in that skill though.

Rainsong: Mostly because it’s a) simple, and b) done entirely by one person. Everyone other than “the house” just bets on the results. Of which only three are possible.

Eclipse: I’ve been practicing but I have these weird patterns in when I hit or miss targets. More reliable than trying to control micro PK so far lol.

Flux: Hmm… I’ll give it a look. Maybe I can make a few bucks to buy a nice dinner.

Flux: I’m going to have to run away now. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions Rain!

Scelana: catch ya later flux, have fun


Rainsong: Be well, Flux 🙂

Eclipse: See ya, have fun Flux.

Rainsong: Any other questions or commentary?

Eclipse: I believe I’m good.

Scelana: I don’t seem to have any at the current moment

Rainsong: Cool. We’ll have a proper seminar on it sometime when I’m more awake.

Rainsong: Thanks for participating 🙂

Eclipse: Thank you.

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Rainsong: Thanks for taking part 😀

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