Constructs as Cat-Toys

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: September 9, 2003 (Tuesday)

* Andy_Hock waves to Palamedes.

<RainTurtle> For the record, Catless Lurkers are welcome in the discussion….no need to be silent

* Aphanas has a cat, but she is currently more interested in his tuna than the subject of the evening…

<RainTurtle> Tonight’s seminar topic is “Constructs as Cat-Toys”, or “the Cat as Construct Quality-Control Officer”

<Andy_Hock> Thanks, Rain.

<RainTurtle> If you are not here to discuss construct cat-toys, you might want to be elsewhere…

<RainTurtle> Presumably all of you have some experience with basic constructs, yes?

<Aphanas> Yep.

<Andy_Hock> Yes, Rain.

<RainTurtle> Most cats are Sensitive to psionic effects, and notice constructs.

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Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: July 15, 2003 (Tuesday)

Note: Pendling is not always psionic. However, if it is used for clairvoyance, it is psionic.

<RainTurtle> good evening, Spot

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all

<RainTurtle> The topic for tonight’s seminar is “Pendling”, also known as “pendulum dowsing”

<RainTurtle> This is simply the use of a suspended object, hanging from one or both hands, to produce a visible and easily interpreted signal of the subconscious mind’s answer to a question

<RainTurtle> In itself there is nothing weird or “magical” about it. It is used in some forms of hypnotherapy to get answers to questions about hidden memory and subconscious motivations, for example

<RainTurtle> It is also used to “find” the best place to dig a well on a property, or locate certain ores (for mining) on a map

<RainTurtle> It is handy for use with precognition and so on, if you can phrase your query carefully enough…and easy to do for binary (yes/no, right/left) questions

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Grounding and Centering

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: July 6, 2003 (Sunday)

<Mistyck> ok, is everyone ready for class to start?

<Mistyck> ok, as most of you know, Grounding and Centering are practiced by many folks…not all of them in terms of psionics

<Mistyck> but today we are concentrating on the psi aspects of grounding and centering

<Mistyck> to me, grounding simply means “getting rid of the psionic “clutter” that has built up in you and your field”

<Mistyck> one explanation of grounding is: releasing excess psi energy back to the earth…

<Mistyck> another is: bringing yourself back into the circuit so that all energies currently in action complete their flow and become still….

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