The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 3)

Instructor: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: February 12, 2004 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the third installment of the seminar “The Use of Trance in Psionics”

<RainTurtle> As usual, this is not a game room. If you’re looking for the GM workshop, you’re in the wrong channel and may want to leave before we weird you out

<RainTurtle> And, as with the previous sections, Andy and I are presenting this seminar together.

<Andy_Hock> As usual, “raise hand” before asking a question.

<Andy_Hock> (GM Workshop is in #dnd3e, btw . . . )

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<RainTurtle> We touched on and hinted at the fact that the perceptive psionic abilities (ie “psychic” abilities) are improved in a trance state.

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The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 2)

Instructor: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: February 5, 2004 (Thursday)

<Andy_Hock> Good evening, all.

<RainTurtle> Welcome to part 2 of the trance-in-psionics seminar

<RainTurtle> If you are here for an RPG, you have the wrong room, and might want to leave before we weird you out

<Andy_Hock> Ground rules are same as last week. Please “raise hand” before asking questions.

<Andy_Hock> Has anyone tried trance this past week?

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The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 1)

Instructors: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: January 29, 2004 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all. Welcome to tonight’s seminar, part one of the use of trance in psionics. Andy and I are presenting it together.

<RainTurtle> If you are here looking for a game, you are in the wrong room and might want to leae before you get weirded out

<Andy_Hock> Good evening, all.

<RainTurtle> *glances around* No-one seems to be running away screaming and gibbering into the night, so we might as well get started

<Andy_Hock> Only ground rule I can think of is to indicate by “raising hand” or otherwise if you have a question, and wait to be acknowledged.

<Andy_Hock> Okay, then, we’re starting discussion of Trance. Anyone have an idea what it is?

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Messing with Magnets

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 22, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, all. Tonight we are going to discuss fun ways of psionically messing around with magnetic fields. If you are not here for a class on psionics, this would be a good time to leave

RainTurtle This is not a gaming room

RainTurtle Does everyone have their equipment ready?

Aphanas Yep.

Psi-Sam yes

jaci yes

Jael yep

Jammy_ yep

RainTurtle What we’ll be playing with this evening is the ever-popular Psychokinesis.

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Medical Issues

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 15, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, all. Tonight we are going to discuss some of the medical issues related to the practice of psionics

RainTurtle If you are not here to participate in a Psionics seminar, this would be a good time to leave

Aphanas Evening, Rain.

RainTurtle Tonight’s seminar will not have any practice segments. It is only discussion.

RainTurtle Any questions before we begin?

Aphanas None here.

GuardianX None here.

PsionJuggalo im fine

Jael No questions yet

RainTurtle Tonight we are going to discuss some of the medical issues related to the practice of psionics

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Remote Presence

Instructor: Yumper
Date: December 30, 2003 (Tuesday)

<Yumper> Tonight’s seminar, as you all know, is covering some of the subject, Remote Presence

<Yumper> Remote Presence is the ability to project your awareness away form your physical body. This awareness is then used to gather information.

<Yumper> The information is then sent back to the physical body, where we interpret it

<Yumper> Remote Presence (RP) is a fun skill to learn and develop however sometimes the over stimulation do give some ‘side effects’.

<Yumper> At any time if you feel dizzy, sick or have a head ache stop what you are doing and practice later when the feelings subside

<Yumper> I have a technique written down in an article, it can be found at, the article is titled ‘Remote Presence’ if you wish to read it for future reference

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Treating Pain without Use of Drugs

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: December 07, 2003 (Thursday)

RainTurtle *steps up to the podium, and clears throat* Ehem

Jael 🙂

RainTurtle good evening/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen

Aphanas tips hat to Rain…

RainTurtle Today’s seminar is on the topic of psionic and related methods of moderating and eliminating pain, without recourse to drugs

RainTurtle The reason for the sudden-ness of the scheduling of this seminar is very simple.

RainTurtle Some of the methods we will discuss today take a bit of practice, to be comfy enough to trust them

RainTurtle That isn’t to say that they can’t or don’t work on the first try, because they _do_ and _have done so_ for many people…but if you are sitting there in the dentist’s office wondering if it is going to work, your body’s going to be tense, and your belly will probably be complaining about the French toast you had for breakfast (and alerting you to the probability that it would be coming back the way it came in….)

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Telepathic Projection

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: December 04, 2003 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Topic for this evening is “telepathic projection”

RainTurtle Are there any questions before we start?

Jael I have a couple questions, but I suspect you may answer them as you go.

RainTurtle Jael: go ahead…

Jael (sorry…not written out already)

RainTurtle (It’s a very broad topic, so if there are specific questions, might as well “hear” them at the start 🙂 )

Jael This may be part of the definition, but my question is if telepathic projection is used in things like sermons and singing (similar to empathetic projection).

RainTurtle It can be, but is not always used in those situations

Jael okay. thanks

RainTurtle no problem 🙂

RainTurtle In a nutshell, telepathic projection includes any data psionically Sent from one mind to another

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Marshmallow Shielding

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: November 24, 2003 (Monday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<Kid_Energy> good evening Rain

<RainTurtle> The topic of tonight’s seminar is a Shield format

<RainTurtle> As usual…if you aren’t here for a seminar in rudimentary psionics, you might want to leave before things get too weird

<RainTurtle> It will come as no surprise that “Marshmallow” is a slang expression for the variety of shield format slated for discussion, tonight

<RainTurtle> I’m sure it has many other equally descriptive monikers

<RainTurtle> This format is very simple, which is one of its main strengths

<RainTurtle> It is also a bit on the “claustrophobic” side, and so might not be the best choice for people who do not like feeling confined….

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Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: November 20, 2003 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all. The topic for this evening’s seminar is “Empathy”

<RainTurtle> If you are not here for a class on rudimentary psionics, you might find that you’ve mistyped the chatroom name….This is not a gaming room, and we are not about to start an RPG

<RainTurtle> There are two basic meanings for the word “empathy”, and several variants within each.

<RainTurtle> The first is a psychological phenomenon, reacting to the expressed or assumed situation of another person, “feeling for them”,….very like “sympathy” in rough terms

<RainTurtle> Not being a Psychologist, I am not going to be lecturing on Psychological Empathy, tonight….

<RainTurtle> Instead, we come to the second meaning: “the telepathic perception of another person’s emotions”. Depending on the variant of the definition which you happen to favour, this may also extend to influencing the emotions of other people, in addition to sensing same

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