Orgotek Conference: Messing With Electronics and Magnetism

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: August 4, 2004 (Wednesday)

<Aphanas> Hi, Spot

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlement. Welcome to another seminar in our series of Aeon Trinity Psi-Order conferences

* Bobrobyn likes the name

<RainTurtle> (Aeon) Trinity is a role-playing game about psionics, but the (fictional) psi-orders make a convenient way to subdivide the real-world psionic abilities

<RainTurtle> Tonight, we have the Orgotek Conference

<RainTurtle> In the Trinity gameworld, Orgotek is both a psi-Order and a megacorporation, based in North America

<RainTurtle> Their psionic activities deal with electricity, electronics, magnetism, and light.

<RainTurtle> The typical Orgotek character is the Computer Geek par Excellence.

* Aodh grins

<RainTurtle> Our topic, therefore, is “messing about with electronics and magnetism”

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NORCA Seminar: Control & Alteration of the Physical Body

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: July 28, 2004 (Wednesday)

RainTurtle Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

* Aodh notices a crowd applausing

Aphanas Good evening, Rain.

Aodh Good evening =D

RainTurtle Welcome to another in the series of Trinity psi-Order conferences

Jael Good evening 🙂

RainTurtle Tonight, we have the conference of the Norca

RainTurtle The NORCA are, of course, a fictional psi-Order of the Aeon Trinity gameworld

RainTurtle There should be a cedille under the C, and it is pronounced nor-SAH.

RainTurtle This (fictional) South American organisation has a talent for the control and alteration of their own bodies…masters of disguise

RainTurtle Our topic this evening is restricted to the biofeedback-like “control” part of the equation.

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SQL – Database Concepts/Overview

Instructor: Dan
Date: June 16, 2004 (Wednesday)

<Dan> Ladies and gentleman (and you too bot), tonight will be a survey seminar.

<Dan> Since you all know the “normal” rules, I won’t repeat them.

* Dan is now known as CrazyTeacher

<CrazyTeacher> So – a little history to get us started.

<CrazyTeacher> Anybody know how long we’ve had these things called “computers” ?

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Basic Scanning

(aka the Blind Leading the Blind)

Instructor: Dan
Date: May 13, 2004 (Thursday)

<Dan> Okay before we get started, anyone have any random questions?

Grael shakes head

<Jael> none here

<StormSeeker> nope

<Dan> Well – some simple ground rules as we get started.

<Dan> 1) please raise your hand (or better yet, type on your keyboard that you’re raising your hand) to ask a question.

<Dan> 2) If I ask you to hold a question til later, please do.

<Dan> 3) If you peer – and want/need back in – either go into PSC and ask, Knock here, or PM one of the other mods, and they’ll invite you back in.

<Dan> Well – tonight, I’m going to attempt to discuss “scanning”…

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Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: May 7, 2004 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Thanks, Bester

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<Jael> Good evening, Rain.

<RainTurtle> First, the usual disclaimer: This is not a gaming room. If you are looking for a game, you might want to leave, before you get too weirded out

<BlueSprite> lol

<RainTurtle> The topic for this evening is “grounding”….more specifically, what it is used for generally, aside from the obvious

<RainTurtle> First of all, as usual, we must define our terms

<RainTurtle> In the context of this seminar, I am using the term to mean “releasing excess ‘energies’ or emotions, generally into an inaminate object, so to dissipate harmlessly”

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Oomph – or Getting results from Psionics (Class 2)

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: April 24, 2004 (Tuesday)

<BlueSprite> funnel cloud been seen just heard running out of the room

<RainTurtle> thanks, Bester

<BlueSprite> taking lap top but will be afk

<RainTurtle> be well

<Jael> take care

<RainTurtle> Stay safe, ya hear?

<Aphanas> *nods* Stay safe, Sprite

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<RainTurtle> Looking at the list of attendees tonight, I will presume that you are aware of the psionics seminar this evening

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Oomph – or Getting results from Psionics (Class 1)

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: March 23, 2004 (Wednesday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to yet another rudimentary psionics seminar

<RainTurtle> This is not a gaming channel. If you are looking for an RPG, you might want to leave now before you get too weirded out

<RainTurtle> I shall not attempt to prove the existence of the subject matter in this class, nor will I entertain debate on that matter during seminar time. If you care to debate it, wait until after the seminar or take it to the main room

<RainTurtle> Further, this is not a children’s channel. Behaviour common to teen chats and the internet slang common to same are inappropriate here.

<RainTurtle> Questions on that?

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Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 16, 2004

RainTurtle Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this week’s psionics seminar.

RainTurtle If you are looking for an RPG, you might want to go to a different channel before you get too freaked out. This seminar concerns real-life psionics, not the gaming sort

RainTurtle That said, I have no intention of “proving psi” nor will I entertain questions on that subject. Deal with it.

Graelb =D

RainTurtle Tonight’s seminar will have a different format than usual. It will be a discussion, rather than a lecture….or perhaps more along the lines of question-and-answer. Even so, please type “ /me raises hand ”

RainTurtle before speaking, so things don’t get too out of hand

RainTurtle As in the main room, fluffiness will get you kicked…although I usually warn first

RainTurtle Questions?

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Solar Flares

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 4, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for starting late; some folks appear to have no concept of “manners”

RainTurtle Welcome to this evening’s seminar, a discussion about some common factors which appear to affect psionic activity, stemming from a request for a class about the effects of solar winds, and several queries about the effects of other things….

RainTurtle First, the usual disclaimers….

RainTurtle This is not a gaming channel. If you are looking for an RPG, you might want to leave now, before you get too weirded out.

RainTurtle Also, I am not going to attempt to prove or disprove the existence of “psi”, or anything else, for that matter. If you’re here to debunk, that’s fine, too, if –and only if – you can support your argument in an intelligent and/or amusing manner. If you act like an idiot, I will kick-ban you for “Excessive fluffiness”.

RainTurtle So far so good?

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Instructor: Rainsong
Date: February 26, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to tonight’s seminar on the topic of “Precognition”

RainTurtle Usual disclaimers apply: This is not a gaming room. If you are looking for an RPG you might want to leave before you get too weirded out

RainTurtle However, if you are a gamer who is idly curious about the real-world application of this aspect of psionics, feel free to stick around

NekyuToi Thank you for what you are about to discuss rain.

RainTurtle You’re welcome.

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