Wards and Warding

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: November 9, 2003 (Sunday)

Mistyck Welcome to the class on Wards and Warding

Mistyck Wards have been used by many cultures over history. Although each culture/tradition varies in what the wards are made from, their purpose is usually the same.

Mistyck To keep out unwanted entities and things from an area.

Mistyck For those who are familiar with Katherine Kurtz’ Deryni series, you know that she made the wards as black and white dice-like cubes.

Mistyck However, Wards can other things as well. I have seen Wards being made using candles or even pure psi.

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Stone Tower Shield

Instructor: Dan
Date: July 23, 2003 (Wednesday)
Updated: October 30, 2003

<Dan> OK – A few quick “administrative” notes.

<Dan> 1) nobody is required to attempt to put up one of these shields… You’re welcome to sit in and observe/ask questions.

<Dan> 2) If you want to put one of these things up, Rain has volunteered to observe, and let you know how you’re doing.

* RainTurtle waves

<Dan> 3) Generally I like questions (they tell me where I’m being less than clear)… But, If I say take it offline (after class that means) hold THAT question until the seminar is over.

<Dan> 4) Most questions are probably best posed in open channel, but I will accept PM questions.

<Dan> Any questions before we get started?

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Teleportation Discussion

Note: This is a discussion rather than a how-to.

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: October 7, 2003 (Tuesday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<RainTurtle> Tonight, we are going to discuss teleportation. Any of you here to learn how to actually do it, are in for a severe disappointment and might as well leave now

<RainTurtle> Tonight’s topic came about on a lark….I was thinking about what to run a seminar on, and decided to take a “skill” out of an rpg rulebook at random….just my luck, teleportation is the one that came up

<RainTurtle> I expect that you’ve heard of teleportation, roughly defined as a really fast way to get from Point A to Point Z without bothering to go through Points B through Y?

<RainTurtle> It may surprise some of you to learn that teleportation is actually done in the real world.

<RainTurtle> Some scientists in various labs around the world have been playing with the teleportation of photons, and some slightly larger particles, for the better part of a decade.

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Remote Viewing

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: September 28, 2003 (Sunday)

<Mistyck> Welcome to the Remote Viewing Seminar

<Mistyck> as most of you know, Remote Viewing means “seeing things from a distance” and a way to use telepathy and clairvoyance

<Mistyck> The most well known and successful uses of RV were by the US and Soviet military and intelligence agencies such as KGB and CIA. However, the British made extensive use of RV against the Germans in WW II

<Mistyck> RV in military terms usually deals with being assigned random coordinates as targets. These coordinates are random number/letters assigned by someone who forwards them to the “Controller” to pass on to the “Viewer”

<Mistyck> ok, everyone who’s going to participate, please write at the top of your paper today’s date, time, the conditions outside.

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Basic Shield Types

Instructor: Andy_Hock
Date: September 23, 2003 (Tuesday)

<Aphanas> Hi, Rain, Andy.

<Andy_Hock> Well, I was planning an actual lesson, but if this is our group, we’ll probably do more of a discussion on our shielding experiences and preferences.

<RainTurtle> Newbies are conspicuous by their absence

<Andy_Hock> Newbies only want to learn advanced stuff, usually . . . .

<Aphanas> If you had offered a psionic teleportation lesson, they’d be here in droves…

<RainTurtle> Quite so

<Andy_Hock> Or . . . phasing! That’d set an attendance record!

<RainTurtle> Yep, that’d test the limits of chatroom population

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Constructs as Cat-Toys

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: September 9, 2003 (Tuesday)

* Andy_Hock waves to Palamedes.

<RainTurtle> For the record, Catless Lurkers are welcome in the discussion….no need to be silent

* Aphanas has a cat, but she is currently more interested in his tuna than the subject of the evening…

<RainTurtle> Tonight’s seminar topic is “Constructs as Cat-Toys”, or “the Cat as Construct Quality-Control Officer”

<Andy_Hock> Thanks, Rain.

<RainTurtle> If you are not here to discuss construct cat-toys, you might want to be elsewhere…

<RainTurtle> Presumably all of you have some experience with basic constructs, yes?

<Aphanas> Yep.

<Andy_Hock> Yes, Rain.

<RainTurtle> Most cats are Sensitive to psionic effects, and notice constructs.

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Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: July 15, 2003 (Tuesday)

Note: Pendling is not always psionic. However, if it is used for clairvoyance, it is psionic.

<RainTurtle> good evening, Spot

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all

<RainTurtle> The topic for tonight’s seminar is “Pendling”, also known as “pendulum dowsing”

<RainTurtle> This is simply the use of a suspended object, hanging from one or both hands, to produce a visible and easily interpreted signal of the subconscious mind’s answer to a question

<RainTurtle> In itself there is nothing weird or “magical” about it. It is used in some forms of hypnotherapy to get answers to questions about hidden memory and subconscious motivations, for example

<RainTurtle> It is also used to “find” the best place to dig a well on a property, or locate certain ores (for mining) on a map

<RainTurtle> It is handy for use with precognition and so on, if you can phrase your query carefully enough…and easy to do for binary (yes/no, right/left) questions

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Grounding and Centering

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: July 6, 2003 (Sunday)

<Mistyck> ok, is everyone ready for class to start?

<Mistyck> ok, as most of you know, Grounding and Centering are practiced by many folks…not all of them in terms of psionics

<Mistyck> but today we are concentrating on the psi aspects of grounding and centering

<Mistyck> to me, grounding simply means “getting rid of the psionic “clutter” that has built up in you and your field”

<Mistyck> one explanation of grounding is: releasing excess psi energy back to the earth…

<Mistyck> another is: bringing yourself back into the circuit so that all energies currently in action complete their flow and become still….

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